The Girl Who Tried

This girl, goes through more than you'd think. It's not just the orphanage, or losing the few people she connects with, but the constant heartache and paps. Everything about this life seems wrong, but being with Niall, Liam, Louis, Harry, and Zayn seems so right. Especially when she meets some other people, who she can't help but connect with. This is the story of her adventures, her heartaches, her happiness and love. This, is the story of the girl who tried.


9. Are Mistakes Really Mistakes?


             She awoke, alone and cold. The blankets had slipped off of her during her restless sleeping. Without really caring what her wardrobe consisted of, her feet hit the floor of the moving bus. It took her a moment to recover, but she eventually caught her balance. She staggered to the lower level of the bus, stopping immediately when she saw the boys. 

            They were all sitting on the couch, relaxing nonchalantly, as if nothing had happened. She leaned against the doorframe for a moment, examining the boys. After a minute or two, she cleared her throat to gain their attention. All of their eyes snapped to her at once. 

"Oh, you're up." She said nothing.

"Sleep well?" All she could muster was a small nod. 

"Are you doing alright? You seemed.. really shaken up." All she did was lock eyes with the person who'd asked, trying to communicate through the look. 

             At that, Liam shook his head. A small sigh passed his lips, and he stood. His long legs carried him over to the obviously shorter girl standing before him. His hand was soon placed on the small of her back, feeling warm and gentle. 

"Look.. I.. Could we go and talk somewhere?" 

             She nodded slightly, following him to the upper level. They were soon in the bedroom section, her heart thumping harder for some reason. Her eyes slid across his for a moment, searching them. 

"What was it you wanted to talk about?" Her voice was grumbly and quiet, not having spoken at all this morning. 

"I know that you're uncomfortable, I really do understand that... but.. we're going to take you in. You'll be safe here, we'll keep you away from the press and all the cameras. You'll have a decent life here." 

              Her back pressed against one of the frames of the bed, her eyes averting from his. 

"I had a decent life there. On the street, with Zero. But you stole that life from me." Her voice cracked, and she peered up into his eyes. His heart sank, his features falling. 

"I... but you were on the street? How could that be better than living in nice rooms and everything, with people who care about you?" 

"Because I knew Zero. I understood why he would travel with me. We kept each other safe, got each other food.. it was manageable." 

"Manageable? What about comfortable? Where did you sleep, huh? Dumpsters, I bet. I bet you had to steal, didn't you?" Her eyes fell to the floor at the last question. He grasped her chin lightly, tilting her head up to look at him. "You're okay now. We're here. We will make sure that you have a good life... and.. and we care about you because you're smart, funny, and most of all caring. Okay?" 

                She didn't reply, only stared up at Liam in shock. Her eyes flicked down to his lips every once in a while, though she attempted not to show it. She didn't succeed. Liam's tongue ran over his plump, red lips as he gazed at her own set. 

                No words were spoken, but it was clear what was going on. With their body heat radiating between each other, he began to dip in. For a moment they breathed in the same air, sharing the same space. Then, it happened. Their lips collided. 

            Liam didn't care about her morning breath, or the fact that she was so much shorter than him. He didn't care about anything at all in the world, apart from this moment and this kiss. 

           Her heart picked up it's pace, so fast that she could practically feel it in her throat. Her eyes fluttered closed, absorbing this moment. It was so overwhelming; too many of her senses being activated at once. His lips practically danced with hers, caressing lightly and pressing gently. Liam's hand found her hip, gripping a little harder than either of them had anticipated. 
            His lips departed from hers, moving down to the underside of her jaw. She gasped for air, not having expected any of this. Small hands pressed to his broad shoulders and she attempted to push back. 

"S-Stop." She gasped. He immediately pulled away, his cheeks a deep shade of red. 

"I.. I'm so sorry.. it's just, ever since I broke up with Sophia.." 

           She shook her head, not allowing him to finish the thought. Her face felt hot, the color having drained itself. Spinning and turning quickly on her heel, she left the room, rushing to the lower level. Plopping down on the couch heavily next to Niall, her expression was black. 

"You okay?" Niall asked, but she didn't reply. 

Liam didn't come back down for another hour. 


            They had stopped at a small shopping centre, and bought her an outrageous amount of clothes, almost completing a wardrobe. She avoided Liam, who avoided her in return. Eventually, they were on their way again. Sitting in that tour bus was practically torture for her. 

"How about we watch a movie?" 

               They all sat gathered on a large couch, the lights off and blankets draping over all of them. It ended up that she and Liam were sitting together at the end, Harry and Louis next to them. Zayn and Niall were huddled together on the floor. Two huge popcorn bowls were being passed around carelessly, causing a whole big mess. The comedy luckily made the mood much lighter. 

            While they were giggling, Liam caught her eye. They held the gaze for a little bit too long, but neither seemed to care. Suddenly, a sex scene appeared. Niall cracked a few jokes about it, the awkwardness in the room disappearing. She would always wonder how he managed to do that. 

            Liam's large hand whisked up and covered her eyes. 

"You're not allowed to see this!" He laughed through his words adorably. 

"Liam!" Her small hands grasped his large one, pulling at his fingers. 

             The scene passed, the room returning to normal. Her legs pulled onto the couch, causing her to curl up in a little ball. Liam's hand found hers beneath the fluffy covers. He began to pull away, but before he could, her fingers laced with his. A small smile could be spotted pulling at the corners of his lips, but no one noticed except her. 


             After the movie, they began to watch other movies. It was flick after flick after flick that night, which apparently all of them needed. Liam's thumb would run over her knuckles sometimes, comforting her, and somehow reassuring her. Although, her eyes couldn't help but flick over to Niall every once in a while. It felt like there was a big heavy bowling ball in the pit of her stomach, which made her frown. 

"You okay?" Liam whispered, his lips grazing against her ear. She felt her throat close up, and she nodded. 

"Fine." She would reply. 


                    The next night they played a bunch of board games, which she seemed to be pretty good at. Niall would giggle and groan whenever he'd do poorly, and she would throw game pieces at him. Liam would smile at her every once in awhile. Louis hooked his arm around her neck and gave a her a noogie when she stuck her tongue at him playfully. 

                  That's how the next few nights were; hanging out with the guys and generally having a lot of fun. Until, they told her about their first concert of the tour. No one knew about her being there, except for the boys of course, along with the driver. He promised not to tell, though. 

                 She was instructed to stay in a hotel room designated for one of the boys until they got back from the concert. Living with them in secret would be incredibly difficult, but possible. Eventually they had the whole thing planned out nicely. 

                 The lavish tour bus pulled to a stop in the back of a large, fancy hotel. The boys quickly snuck her inside, leading her into the room shared by Zayn and Niall. She was told a quick good luck in passing by each of the boys, Liam secretly squeezing her hand. Then, she was alone. 


Here we go. She thought. I just hope that I don't get caught...

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