The Girl Who Tried

This girl, goes through more than you'd think. It's not just the orphanage, or losing the few people she connects with, but the constant heartache and paps. Everything about this life seems wrong, but being with Niall, Liam, Louis, Harry, and Zayn seems so right. Especially when she meets some other people, who she can't help but connect with. This is the story of her adventures, her heartaches, her happiness and love. This, is the story of the girl who tried.


5. Accidental Announcement.


         "You're gonna love it here." Louis says to her, smiling gently. 

"Yeah? I hope so. This is so exciting! I've never even been out of America before. I've always wanted to go to Australia." After a moment, she looks back up at them. "Oh, sorry. I'm rambling." 

"That's quite alright, there's no harm in rambling every once in a while!" She laughed a bit, getting off the plane with the rest of the boys. 





"Niall, come help me with the little one?"  

"Sure, be there in a minute." 

       She holds the baby on her hip, her hair neatly fashioned in a pony tail. The baby whines quietly, grabbing at her mother's hair. Niall soon bounds down the stairs. 

"Hey.. let me hold the little precious." He smiles. She happily hands her little bundle of joy to the boy next to her. 

"Goodness, you're so good with her." Niall says to her. She smiles looking over at her little miracle while she picks up a few things. 

"Well, I'm not the only one responsible for her." She smiles widely. 

"Right, right. Your husband-





           The studio was quite boring, in all honesty. She basically sat on the couch while the boys all met and talked about where they would go for tours and things like that. After that, they decided to go back to the hotel before their performance. 

         It didn't take her too long to realize that they would be performing the same song that she sang to her girls at night. It made her heart nearly stop in her chest. Once they reached the hotel, it actually bummed her out a little, knowing that she would go to her own hotel room while the other guys all chatted. She figured that she just didn't know them very well. 

         She flicked her TV on, and was just relaxing, when she suddenly heard a noise outside her window. She groaned and stood up, walking over to the door, she threw the curtains back, and was shocked by the massive crowd outside her hotel. Girls were screaming, paps were everywhere. Girls were waving at.... her? She opened the window to hear that they were all chanting. 

          Her heart nearly dropped when she heard what they were all saying. 

"Scumbag! Lou isn't for you! Scumbag! Lou isn't for you!" She knit her eyes and tilted her head, when she saw something from the corner of her eye. 

         A girl, wearing a shirt declaring her being a fan of the boys, was throwing something. Before she could do anything about it, the thing collided with her face. 

A balloon.. filled entirely with red paint! 

          She stumbled back, letting out a loud cry in surprise. She fell backwards, the force intensely shoving her backwards. Suddenly, her door bursted open, and she was greeted by five boys and their body guard. 

"Oh my god, are you okay?" Niall stammered. 

           She looked up at him, tears in one of her eye, the other one was clouded with paint, and she was afraid to open it. They all rushed to her side, kneeling beside her. 

"Th-the fans they..." She almost started sobbing right there, but... she held it in.. for the time being. 

"They did this to you?!" 

"They.. they hate me.. they threw.. Screaming.." She hardly managed, staring out of the open window, which she was only safe from because she was out of range. 

"This is absolutely ridiculous." Louis stated. Angrily, he rose from the floor, storming over to the window. 

           She did her best to wipe some of the paint from her face, but was more interested in what was happening by the open window. When Louis appeared, there was screaming. Much louder than when she had appeared. She wove his arms in a "stop" motion. They quieted down after a minute or two, letting him speak.

"Who threw the paint balloon at her?" He yelled over all of the chatter. Silence. "Who?" He asked, a little more forceful this time. 

            At this point, she got up from the floor, walking behind Louis. She almost hid behind him, like a little kid hiding from a stranger. Only it was over a thousand strangers. She saw a few girls point at one girl, who looked particularly annoyed.  Cautiously, she tapped his shoulder. 

"L-Louis?" She whispered. 

"Yeah?" He whispered back, turning to her slightly. 

"They.. they were chanting too. All of them." 

"What were they saying?" 

"They were calling me a scumbag and saying I don't belong with you... whatever that means." She whispered, retreating further behind him when she got another clear view of the fans. 

"Are you kidding me." He mumbled. He turned back to the crowd. 

'You guys aren't how you used to be! You used to respect us! And now the Midnight Memories tour is starting, and you guys are being absolutely horrible!" They were all silent, and you could even hear a few girls starting to cry. 

"It's not our fault we don't like fake ass girlfriends!" The balloon girl yelled. Quite a few girls yelled in agreement. 

"What?!" She practically shouted. 

"Shh, calm down." He whispered. He looked out at the sea of girls again. "Look, I know some of you are real fans, one's who actually respect others, but you should at least get your facts right before hurting people! She's a girl we adopted from an orphanage, not a girlfriend!" 

           Gasps and mutters could be heard all through the crowd, and she swore she saw balloon girl swear. Louis had apparently had enough and decided to walk away from the window, her doing the same thing after getting one last look at the crowd. 

"Are you sure you're okay?" 

"I-I'm just going to go and wash up." She mumbled, walking into the bathroom and shutting the door behind her, a little more forcefully than she had intended. She locked it, taking her shirt off so she didn't get anything on it and looked in the mirror. 

          she hardly knew the girl before her. At least at the orphanage, she had some level of dignity. She shook her head, running the water and splashing some off of her face. She had to scrub and scrub and scrub, but it wouldn't come off. She even showered, and when she stepped out, she noticed it was mostly off. She puffed a sigh of relief, even the paint in her hair was washed out. 

         She stepped to the counter, a white towel wrapped around her. She used her hand to clear the mirror of it's fog, and what was before her made her jaw drop. There was still a heavy red tint on her face. She stepped into her room, which was empty since the boys left, and looked at the clock. She had already been washing and scrubbing for over an hour. With a huff and a groan, she decided to give up. She would just decide to try to avoid showing her face to the boys now. 

         She dried her hair and straightened it, as usual. She threw on a pair of jeans and a Pink Floyd shirt, and flopped on the bed. She picked the remote up from the night stand and flicked the TV on. She had never really had the chance to watch TV for a few years. Before the orphanage, her parent's had the cable shut off and she only had Netfilx and Hulu. The first channel that was on was the news, so she just left it on that.

          After a segment on some boring topic, she was about to change the channel, when she saw a familiar face. Hers. 

          She was standing at the window, someone had taken a video. 

"Famous boy band singer Louis Tomlinson's apparent girlfriend came out to see the fans earlier today, but was greeted with rude chants, and even things thrown at her. Only one made contact. An unknown girl filled a balloon with red paint, and launched it at the unsuspecting girl's face." 

       They showed the balloon making the impact, and she could hardly stand it anymore. She kept watching anyway, for some unknown reason. 

        After that, they did something she thought they wouldn't do. They purposely made Louis out to be a bad guy. They were talking about how the band used to admire their fans, and now they were just annoyed. 

"What?!" She yelled, almost a little too loud.  

         At this point, she couldn't help but turn the TV off. Louis was a nice guy. Even she knew that. She decided that maybe a walk would calm her down at least. 

       She got all the way downstairs before she realized that she had the paint still all over the face. For some reason, all she wanted to do was go and see the boys to tell them what was going on. They at the very least deserved to know. She took the elevator upstairs and walked up to the room that they were all hanging out in. 

        gently, she knocked on the door, trying to make herself seem smaller so that they wouldn't notice the paint stains. 

            She was greeted by Liam pulling the door open, the chain restricting it most of the way. 

"Oh, hey. What's up?" 

"Uhm.. did you guys uh, see the news?" She asked quietly, looking up at the boy's puppy like eyes. 

"No, why? Oh no, did they show what happened to you?" 

"Well that and they totally made Louis out to be a jerk!" 

"What's going on?" She hears one of the boys ask from inside the room. 

"The news made Lou out to be a jerk, apparently." Liam calls back. Just before he's about to thank her and close the door, he asks the one question she doesn't want to hear. "Were you able to get all the paint off?" 

        She had been hiding that section of her face behind the door, so he didn't see it. 

"Uh... no. Not really." 

"Can I see?" 

"Uh... sure.." 

"I just want to know how much damage our "Fans" did." 

         She sheepishly peeked out from the other side of the door, her eyes weak and shy. She sighed, finally showing her red stained faced to the tall and sweet guy before her. She at first didn't think it was that bad, until she heard his gasp. 

"That's rubbish.... they used to be such great fans.." He mumbled, looking down. 

"Is it... is it really that bad?" She whispered, looking up. 

       Suddenly, his eyes were sympathetic and soft. He shook his head, acting like he wanted to reach out to her. 

"No! It's just... you just need to give it some time, it will wash off." She nodded. 

"Anyway, you should watch the news thing... It's pretty important." She muttered, walking back to her room for the time being. 


           Liam closed the door, turning back to the boys. 

"Is her face still bad?" 

"Yeah.. I feel really bad for her." 

"Well, it's our fans that need to shape up! They were so amazing, at least until the Midnight Memories tour was announced." 

"Yeah, well not all of them are bad." 


"Is she at least coming to the concert?" Louis asked curiously. 

"I don't know if that's really a good idea." Niall says, thinking about how the fans would treat her. 

"Yeah.. you're right. She's better off just winding down in the hotel." 


                 Later that night, the boys were getting ready back stage, when Paul came up and started talking to them. 

" 'Ey, listen boys. Ya know the girl that was adopted by management?" They nod. 

"Yeah, you know she has a name?" 

"Well, whatever. Anyway, we may have to take her back or whatever. She's brought everything down instead of up. Shouldn't be a problem, right?"  

             Suddenly, they all felt their hearts drop. Some more than others. 

"You can't do that to that poor girl!" 

"No arguing right now. You need to relax before your first concert of the tour. You've got one tonight and one tomorrow, then one a few cities down. Then we'll move on to America. Now, warm ups, alright? Cool, on in ten." 

            The boys were a little glum to say the least during their vocal set. They harmonized really well, but the heart just wasn't energetic. Everyone had things running through their heads. 

Zayn was thinking about how horrible it would be to be in her situation. 

Liam was thinking about how she must be feeling, not knowing that she would go through probably one of the worst things again. 

Harry was thinking about at least she would see Hope and all the girls again. 

Louis was thinking.. he was thinking about how nice it would be to have gotten to know her better.

Niall was wondering if it would be much of a transition not having her in their lives anymore, even though they had only known each other for about a week or so. He was leaning towards yes. 


               The could hear all of the screams coming from all of the fans in the auditorium, waiting for them to come bounding on stage. They all huddled together, their ear pieces in and ready. 

"You ready?" All of them nodded, putting their hands in. All of them had their pre-show rituals done and they were technically ready. 

              They ran out onto the stage, smiling and waving at the screaming, crying, and laughing fans. They sang their first song, Alive, with a fluid motion. They smiled at each other, knowing that all of their long hours were paying off. 

             After a few songs, they were at the Twitter questions. Of course, the one that they didn't want to come up, did. 

"Why did you decide to adopt the girl?" They all waited for someone to answer, but they all looked around at each other awkwardly.  

Zayn cleared his throat, ready to give the reason that management gave them. 

"W-Well... She.." The audience started to rustle a bit, wondering what was going on. 

                They could hear the fans asking each other what was going on. Niall was starting to get nervous, and crowds already made him nervous. 

"She was really cool when we met her, and our manager was already looking for someone to adopt so.." 

               The crowd was really silent, and they could spot a few people rolling their eyes. It bugged all of them, to at least some degree. They closed with Midnight Memories, and headed back to the hotel. They had changed out of their nicer concert clothes and into their sweats and t-shirts. 

             They had gotten their minds off of everything, when Paul turned to them. 

"You guys wanna break it to her? I mean, you guys at least know her and her name, right?" He laughed a bit, thinking they weren't attached to her at all. They all looked at each other, nervously and sadly. 


           She was busy listening to music, bouncing around her room and singing along. She had gotten out of her foggy mood and was able to be herself without worrying about embarrassing herself in front of famous superstars. Suddenly, she heard "Midnight Memories" come on, and she couldn't help but find herself turning it up and singing along. The guys be intimidating,  but they sure made fun music. 


            The thing that made it worse, was when the boys were walking up to the door, they heard her singing. Just like when they had first met. And even worse, she was singing the chorus to "Midnight Memories". With a sigh, Zayn knocked on the door, yawning, as the concert was tiring. 

           They could hear her gasp a little, shutting the music off. They heard her bounce around and soon, came to the door. She swung the door open, to reveal how she would be if they were her friends. Her hair was a little messed up, but straightened. She wasn't wearing any mascara, and she was wearing a baggy t-shirt and checkered, loose pajama pants. 

"Oh, hey guys. What's up?" She asked, a little nervously. It wasn't exactly common for all five guys to show up at her door. 

"Um... can we come in?" Harry asked, cautious and gently. Now, she was starting to get worried. 

"Yeah, sure." She said, opening the door all the way so they could come in. They all stood around her room. Some around the dresser, a couple by the window. She sat on the bed, nervously looking around at all of them. "What's going on?" 

"Well.." Harry sighed.

"Is something wrong?" 

"It's management." Zayn said finally, stepping towards her. She looked around at all of them nervously, finding her eyes falling on Niall more often than not. She could see that something was wrong with him. 

"W-What's management?" She could feel the pit of her stomach twisting and turning, her heart thumping in her throat. 

"They're making us... " 

"They're making me leave." She said, listening to her voice crack. 

        Niall rubbed his face, sighing slightly. Louis just looked plain pissed. Zayn seemed a little glum, along with Liam and Harry. Liam looked like a puppy with his wide eyes.  

"I'm so sorry. They're making us." Niall mumbled. 

"That's fine." She whispered, looking down a her hands. "I knew this wouldn't last." She looked up at the guys, who were all looking sympathetic. 

"Come on.. it's not that it wouldn't last.." 

"No, that's okay. I mean, I'll get to see the girls again.. unless they're not there. Or I get put in another home." She stands up, trying to make the room lighter again. 

         Their hearts almost melted when he realized that she may not have even see the girls again. 

"Hope.." Harry mumbled. Apparently, she heard. She turned to him. 

"She's probably been adopted. She's a baby. That's what most people want so.. I'm really just being honest. I just um.." She took a deep breath, rubbing the back of her neck. "I'm gonna get some fresh air before I pack." 

          She hurries out of the room, trying not to let the boys see her tears. She hurried down the hall, not stopping when gasping girls called out her name or asked if it was really her. She practically ran down the stairs, her tears falling furiously. She had to keep gasping for air. She bursted out of the door and went to the side of the building, pressing her back against the wall. She slowly slid down, tucking her knees to her heaving chest. 

         Her breathing was short and staggered, the breaths coming out as whimpers. 

"This isn't happening. " She muttered to herself. 


         As soon as Niall saw her leave the room, he knew she would be crying. He followed her, being slowed by the fans. He eventually got to the door leading outside, but couldn't find her anywhere. He hoped she didn't run off. He ran a hand through his hair, sighing and swearing under his breath.  Suddenly he heard something from the side of the  hotel. 

"S-Shit... this.. this isn't happening.." 

        He walked to the side of the building, coming face to face with a broken girl. She was crying hard and, her knees tucked into her chest. Quietly, he walked next to her, sitting on the ground with her. She looked up at him, her eyes red and puffy. 

"N-Niall I... I'm sorry..." She whispered. He shook his head. 

"Don't be." He whispered back. 

          Gently and slowly, making sure not to move to fast, she leaned against his shoulder. He was the only one that she had, even if he didn't know her very well. They sat there for a while. Her sobs died down, and his tears came and went. 

"When do I have to leave?" She whispered. Her voice was much steadier than earlier. 

"We don't know." He whispered.  

             She nodded, letting her eyes flutter closed. Eventually, she fell asleep, leaning on the Irish boy next to her. He nudged her, making sure she was really asleep. Her mouth was a little parted, and she was snoring just lightly. 

             He slid his arm under her bent knees, his other arm wrapping around her small shoulders. He lifted her up, her lead leaning against his chest. She took a deep breath in, unconsciously curling into him. He carried her back into the building, nodding a thank you to the random guy that held the door open for them. 

            He quickly found out that you can't really open a hotel door without the key. He sighed, going back to his own room instead. He slid her under his covers, nodding at Liam to show that this was the only option. Niall slept on the couch, letting her have her space. 

           They all went to sleep thinking that was the end for them. It almost was. 



            Louis was in the kitchen, getting out a jar of baby food for the girl tending to her baby in the living room. 

"You need anything else for her, love?" 

"No, but thanks Lou. She's just really hungry." 

         She watched the baby play with Niall, tugging on his hair every once in a while. 

"Here you go." Lou said, handing her the jar. She sat on the floor, opening her arms for her baby. 

"C'mere babe! Come to mommy." She turned up to see Louis. "You gotta watch this, she's starting to walk!" 

          She put her hands on the floor, pushing herself up so she can stand. She stretched her arms out for the baby, who came stumbling to her mother. She was cooing and laughing, and eventually fell into her mother's arms. She laughed, picking her little baby up. 

        She took the cooing baby into the kitchen, setting her in the high chair. 

"She's getting so big." Louis remarked. 

"Yep. And her father's been a big help with her too!"  

"Yeah, I know. He's really attentive, and she loves him." 

"I know, she's such a little daddy's girl!" 

"You guys must be so happy..." 

"Yeah I really love....


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