Hands and Teeth

A short horror story I did for an English Assesment.


1. 1

“Take off your jumper.”

A fire blazed in the centre of what the girl assumed was a gap in the forest. Embers popped and fizzled as the girl hesitantly obeyed and threw her jumper at the dusky – faced boy, who hit the flames furiously. The ground beneath the flames flared and darkened. The boy’s eyes lit with more anxiety with each sacred attempt to put out the fire. A red glow slowly crept up the sleeve of the jumper.

“Quin!” The girl watched the enlarging flame with rapt attention. Quin whipped his head around to face the girl, his ebony fringe was plastered to his forehead, and his brow was furrowed.

“Take off your vest,” ordered Quin, his arm still thrashing within the flames.

The girl remained frozen.

“For god’s sake-“ Quin was abruptly cut off by a voice. He glanced at the girl, hoping that she had only thrown one of her painful insults. The girl’s mouth was firmly sealed. Quin’s face became comfused as the girl’s eyes flickered away from him.

“What-“ the girl hushed Quin by putting a single finger to her lips. The fire started to slowly make it’s way towards Quin’s feet, but he stood. Still. Waiting. Watching.

The girl’s gaze jolted back to Quin, her lips slowly parted as she rose from her sitting position upon a large rock. The fire continued to crackle behind Quin.

“She’s here,” the two words shakily escaped from the girl’s lips. Suddenly, Quin leaped away from the flames in one swift motion and landed by the girl with a loud thud. Quin squirmed around on the ground in a struggle to rise to his feet, the girl grabbed his hand and hauled him up.

“Run,” the girl lunged forwards and pulled him into the darkness of the trees. The occasional twig snapped and echoed throughout the forest. The girl stayed alert, Quin stayed at a steady pace just behind her.

Without warning, a shrill-anamalistic language coursed it’s way through the branches overhead. Quin dodged a large tree in front of him and then fiercely yanked the girl behind it. The noises threatened to turn the girl’s breathing into irregular gulp, but Quin clasped a hand over her mouth to stop the noise from escaping. Quin’s body was urging him to do something, preferably run, but his legs were paralysed. The crunch of crisp leaves came to a sudden halt, and was replaced by a giggle.

Giggle? Quin placed his large bulky hands onto the girls shoulders and pushed her gently down to the ground. He quietly sat next to her and pulled her into a tight hug, and rocked back and forth to sooth her silent sobs.



The girl knew that they were lucky.

Lucky to stand, to breathe in the polluted air of the city. Except they weren't in a city. She flexed her fingers, seeking anything but the rough bark of a tree, to find the warmth of flesh. Slowly, the girl looked up through her long eyelashes to find the boy slouched next to her. She reached up and brushed a dark lock of hair away from his face.

Quin jolted awake at the touch of the girl. Sweat itched at the crane of his stiff neck.

“Corrigan,” he mumbled softly, “you should have taken off your vest.”

The ghost of a smile tugged at the edges of Corrigan’s lips. She looked down at her leg, which she would have sworn had been cut, to find a large gash on her skin. Reluctantly, Corrigan pulled her trouser leg down as far as it could go to obscure the wound, because the last thing they needed was another matter to take care of.

A pile of leaves lay still on Quin’s lap. He brushed them away and turned to face the girl.

“How did you know she was coming?” Quin wondered aloud.

“Who started the fire?” Corrigan’s question lingered in the air like an insect. No matter how hard Quin tried to swat away the question, it remained floating in his head.

Changing the subject, Quin said “Why are we here?”

Corrigan thought for a while, she didn’t know why they were in the forest. She shrugged a shoulder. Quin too didn’t know why they were there, neither did he know the slightest detail about Corrigan.

“I...” Quin hesitated, “...don’t know.”

Corrigan winced slightly at the feel of a warm liquid trickling from her wound and down her shin.

“Maybe we should leave,” suggested Corrigan.

“We tried that the other day, didn’t we?”

“You can stay if you want,” Corrigan stood up and brushed her hands on her jeans, “but I am going to leave before nightfall.”


Quin rubbed weakly at his eyes – which were almost crusted shut – before joining Corrigan. Mist curled around the tree trunks, being whipped around by a biting gale of wind. The harsh breeze sliced through his meager items of clothing and then reached his skin with a painful slash. Although it was no use, Quin tugged his jacket tighter around his angular body in an attempt to keep his body heat content.

“Man up,” Corrigan shot Quin a painful look and thrust her hands into her pockets.

Corrigan’s shoulders were exposed to the wind, and the hairs on her arms stood on edge. She could feel Quin’s glare like a heavy weight on her shoulders.

The hem of Quin’s trouser leg was heavily scorched from where he had been stood too close to the fire. Smoke still hung low in the humid air, making Quin cough a few times before doubling over in a coughing fit.

After a short while, Corrigan came to a halt and spun on her heel so that their faces were only inches apart.

“Whatever you do,” she said, “Don’t. Get. Lost,” With that, Corrigan smirked and continued to walk.




The last few rays of sunlight peeped through the gaps in the trees. Quin and Corrigan used the last of their energy to shuffle below a rather large looking oak tree. Corrigan caught a falling leaf in her hand and cupped it as if to give it shelter from the harsh conditions. With wide eyes Corrigan snuk a glance at Quin. He slouched against the tree trunk with his hands in his pockets. His clothes were stained and ripped, and his body frail. Corrigan would swear that if he drooped any furthur down that wall that his body would shatter in to millions of tiny pieces.

“What?” asked Quin as Corrigan watched him.

“Nothing,” she shuffled her feet and leant next to him. Corrigan’s heart beat at a steady pace as she lowered down to the ground, followed by Quin. He tucked a lock of albino hair back from her green eyes and smiled.

“What happens if we never get out?” he asked.

Now, when Corrigan closed her eyes, the vision of her father jumping over waves at the shore came to her. Her heart sank a little.

“I don’t know,” she admitted, wishing for it not to be true. Quin’s eyes suddenly jerked away from Corrigan and towards the darkness that was closing in on them.

“She’ll come for us you know,” he said, turning his attention back to Corrigan.

 Corrigan smiled slightly, “I know.”

Corrigan turned her head forward. Her muscles instantly tensed. Black eyes, ripped dress, wet hair. Her. Without much thought being put into her movement, Corrigan grasped Quin’s hand and squeezed it until she was pretty sure she had cut of his circulation. A single tear rolled down her cheek and landed on the leaves beside her. She knew that this would be the end. 


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