A lot Can Happen In Only 4 Months

Paige Sparks is an up an coming actress. She's making minimum wage. But what happens when she get's signed to be part of a brand new TV show? She starts to become more known throughout the states. But that's it. Or so she thought. What will happen when her new manager comes to saying that she has the opportunity of a lifetime. She got a job offer from Modest! Management. Gets paid a lot of money to be Harry Styles fake girlfriend. There is just a few slight problems. She starts to actually fall for him and one of his best mates...


2. The Big Meeting. (Harry's P.O.V.)

Harry's P.O.V.

 I was told by Simon that I had a meeting today with him, Lou, and 2 other people. He didn't tell me much other than that its in 2 hours. I guess this meeting is important to the fans because Simon warned me that the fans will like the outcome of this meeting. I don't understand how he already knows the out come of the meeting but yeah okay...

"Hey Hazz, wanna come with me and the rest of the lads to lunch?" Louis asked as he walked into the living room where I was sitting on the couch on my phone. 

I sighed, "I'm sorry Lou, but I can't. I have a meeting with Simon. He will be here in less than an hour to pick me up." 

I would much rather go to lunch with the lads then go to some meeting with Simon and Lou.  But then again, I'd do anything to keep the fans happy. After all, if it wasn't for them then One Direction wouldn't be where they are today. 

My phone buzzed with a text from Simon.

From: Simon

I'm here. Hurry up.

I sighed and rolled my eyes,"I got to go. Simon is here."

Louis laughed and bit down on a carrot, "Have fun at your little meeting!! Bring back more carrots!"

I chuckled to myself as I made my way out to Simon's car. I sighed as I got in. "Simon, explain now."

Simon chuckled and started driving, "I'm assuming you've heard of Paige Sparks?" 

I sighed, I haven't really other than half of the fans on twitter tweeting me saying things like; You and Paige Sparks are adorable together!! or Haige! I replied to him by simply saying, "Yeah, sorda."

"Well good, because you and Paige will be spending a lot of time together from now until the next 4 months are over. Fans want you and her to date, so that's what they will get! Don't want to have upset fans now do you?" He asked looking to me with a grin on his face. 

I rolled my eyes. "Look Simon, you can't make me date a girl I don't ev-"

He cut me off, "You won't actually be dating, you will just fake date for 4 months. Then stage a huge fight, and bam, your broken up!"

That was the stupidest idea I have ever heard in my entire life, "What will this do for Paige and I?" I asked him impatiently.

He was silent a minute looking at the road. "Well, you will have happy fans, and Paige will gain more fans. Things work out great for the both of you." 

"Well, what if I don't want a fake girlfriend?" I spat angrily. I wasn't up for this stupid thing,

We pulled up into a parking lot of a recorded studio. Great, we're here. I put my hood along with Lou and Simon. I got out and followed them to the room the meeting was being held in. Simon knocked. A guy middle aged opened the door. "It's nice to actually meet you in person!" The guy exclaimed."Please do come in." 

We walked in and followed him to a table and sat down. I looked around and saw a girl sitting at the table. I'm pretty sure she's Paige. She was hot. (I picture her as Selena

Paige just sat there quietly with a fake smile on her face. I could tell it was fake.  The guy began to speak to her. "Paige, I'd like you to meet Simon, Lou, and Harry."

She smiled at as, "It's nice to meet" She offered her hand for us to shake. 

"It's nice to meet you too dear," Lou smiled as she shook her hand.

Then Simon shook her hand, "Paige" He said with a nod.

Paige moved her hand to me, I shook and just said, "Hi..."

The guy began to talk again, "Simon, why don't you explain to Paige the job you are offering her."

Well, she doesn't even know about it, then how does Simon even know that she will agree to be my fake girlfriend. I kind of hope she'll say no. I don't exactly want a fake girlfriend, I don't even want a real girlfriend at this time.

Simon interrupted my thoughts by starting to explain. "As you probably already know, I'm a judge on the X-Factor. Well have you heard of the band One Direction that became famous off the X-Factor?"

Paige nodded slowly, "Yeah, who hasn't?" I let out a chuckle by her response.

Simon continued to explain, "Well, this is Lou Teasdale, One Direction's stylist."

He mouth dropped wide open. It was cute by how shocked she was. But then the thought about her being a huge fan One Direction. I don't want to have to date a girl who's contentiously fan-girling. 

"Oh my gosh! Really?" She quickly shut her mouth probably not wanting to seem like a fan-girl.

Simon chuckled at her response to that then quickly glances at me. "So, that's your reaction to finding out that she's One Direction's stylist, what would your reaction be if I told you that Harry, is Harry Styles, a member of One Direction himself?"

I smiled to myself as both Lou and I remove our hoods.  Once again, Paige's mouth drops open, but she quickly shuts it. "Wow...uh I don't know what to say. Is this like a prank or something?"

The man I still don't know the name to, laughs and replies to her, "No, you're not being pranked."

I sat there looking from Paige to Simon. Simon began to talk again. "Well you see Paige, you're becoming quite famous. When asked by fans in a magazine who Harry would go cutest with for another celebrity, they picked you. Since then, people on twitter have been tweeting things like Haige, or Harry you should date Paige Sparks.  We decided that maybe we should give the fans what they want. After all, it would get you a lot more fans, and would make One Direction fans happy. What do you say Paige? Do you accept the offer?" 

She was silent for a minute. "How long do we "date"?" She put quotations around date.

The guy handed her a contract, "4 months"

Paige began to look it over. She flipped though it before saying, "I'll do it."

A part of me was upset that she said yes. Another part of me was kind of excited to get to know a new girl. But as of right now, I don't want a girlfriend.  

Simon and the other guy smiled. "Great, sign there please." Simon pointed to a line at the bottom of the paper. "Prefect, now we will leave you and Harry to get to know each other. It will help with you twos job."  

Lou, Simon, and that guy got up and walked out. Leaving just me and Paige together. Well, this is going to be kind of awkward. 

Paige stood up and walked over next to me. "So uhh...what's it like to be in the worlds biggest boy-band?"

I stood up next to her. She giggled a bit, "Your so much taller than me...I feel like a shrimp." I chuckled. I was about 4 inches taller than her. "Maybe you are." I teased.

Paige giggled again."So were you okay with this job?"'

I stopped smiling. No, I hadn't been. I'm still not really.  I nodded in reply then lied, "Uh yeah, but even if I wasn't, I don't think I would have gotten a choice."

She laughed. Her laugh was actually kind of cute..."You seem really nice Harry."

A smile reappeared on my face, "Thanks Paige, you seem like a sweet girl."

She smiled back at me. The next 4 months will be okay but only if she keeps this attitude. I don't want to be stuck fake dating a stuck up brat.  Let's hope, she stays this way.

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