A lot Can Happen In Only 4 Months

Paige Sparks is an up an coming actress. She's making minimum wage. But what happens when she get's signed to be part of a brand new TV show? She starts to become more known throughout the states. But that's it. Or so she thought. What will happen when her new manager comes to saying that she has the opportunity of a lifetime. She got a job offer from Modest! Management. Gets paid a lot of money to be Harry Styles fake girlfriend. There is just a few slight problems. She starts to actually fall for him and one of his best mates...


5. I think I need to see the Doctor...(Paige's P.O.V.)o

Harry wrapped his arms around me, I wrapped my arms around his neck, letting our foreheads touch. I gazed into his dreamy green eyes, "You done this before?" He quietly whispered to me.

Nope. Your my first boyfriend...I couldn't say that, he'd think I was crazy. Instead, I just let out a small giggle, "Nope."

Harry was such an amazing guy! I would so date him and have it actually be true. But I can tell, that he doesn't actually like like me, assuming he likes me as a friend...then again we did just meet today...Okay, why am I rambling on and on about things to myself in my head. Gosh I have major issues.

Harry bent down and placed a small kiss on my check. I felt my cheeks turn of soft shade of pink. His lips we so soft. Okay...that sounds weird. He then pulled me into an actually hug for about 5 seconds. When he pulled away, he turned and started walking away before turning and waving, "Bye Paige"

"Bye Harry..."I said, but he had already walked away. I sighed dreamily as I turned and unlocked my flats door. I walked in shutting the door behind me, and tossed my keys and bag onto the counter. I walked over to the kitchen and over to the cupboard to get something to eat. I decided on some popcorn. 

I opened the bag and walked over to the microwave and put it in for 2:30. I walked out of the kitchen and to the living room popping a movie. I laid down on the couch and got comfy and before I knew it, I drifted off asleep.

<><><>In The Dream<><><>

"Just kiss me," I smiled up at him. His green eyes glisten in the pouring rain. I've always wanted to kiss somebody in the pouring rain. 

Harry smiled at me, "I don't know babe, what do I get for it?"

I giggled and grabbed his shirt pulling him to me, "You get a happy girlfriend. And plus, you get to kiss me. Its a 2 in 1 deal!"

He laughed and leaned in, and before I knew it, his face was only inches from mine, closer...closer...closer...


<><><>Back to reality<><><>

"Paige!!" Kayla yelled as she walked into my flat.

"Huh? What?" I yawned and slowly sat up to see my best-friend standing there. "What are you doing here?" 

Kayla smiled widely at me, "How come you didn't tell me?!?!?"

I scratched my head and let out another yawn, "What are you talking about?"

She screeched with joy, "You never told me you were dating Harry Styles!!"

"Oh..." I laughed and sat up. She ran over to me and sat down next to me grabbing my hands, "Details!!"

I laughed and decided on telling her the truth, "Calm down. I'm not actually dating Harry Styles, our managers decided we should fake date. To make the fans happy." 

Kayla began to pout, "Oh, bummer. So anyways...details still."

I laughed and began to tell her everything, "Okay well, it started with our meeting, when Simon, Lou, and Jay gave me the opportunity to get more fans. By dating Harry Styles, I will gain a lot more fans for me...so anyways, they left us alone for about 5 minutes and me and Harry talked, not about anything, he asked what Jay's name is..but then the 3 walked back in and told us what we were to do on our first "Date". We were told to go to the movies, and then back here and he was told to drop me off, hug me, and give me a kiss on the cheek." I quickly finished.

"And did he do all of it???" Kayla leaned forward like a little girl be told a princess story. I laughed and nodded.

"Yes he did, but now I have a huge problem." I gave her a look saying, I don't know what to do...

"Well? What is it? I'm sure I can help it." She smiled reassuringly.

I let out a loud sigh, "I think I'm falling for Harry Styles."

A/N:Comment, like, and favorite!! Should I continue? Yes? or No?   I saw Frozen!! It was the best movie ever! It's my new favorite movie!! Haha anyways... bye guys!

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