A lot Can Happen In Only 4 Months

Paige Sparks is an up an coming actress. She's making minimum wage. But what happens when she get's signed to be part of a brand new TV show? She starts to become more known throughout the states. But that's it. Or so she thought. What will happen when her new manager comes to saying that she has the opportunity of a lifetime. She got a job offer from Modest! Management. Gets paid a lot of money to be Harry Styles fake girlfriend. There is just a few slight problems. She starts to actually fall for him and one of his best mates...


10. A Day with Liam (Paige's P.O.V.)

My phone woke me up at 8am. Which is actually pretty late for me. I normally get up at 6am. I don't know why these past few days I've been getting up so late. It's strange. I made my way out of my room, and into the kitchen so I could get some breakfast before I take a shower.

I decided on having pancakes. Now I'm not very good at cooking, so they didn't turn out the best. But it's not like they were burned either... I sat down at the table, and ate my two pancakes. After I finished eating, I put my dishes in the sink, and walked back to my room. 

As I made my way over to my closet, I noticed a picture of my mom at her high school prom. She looked so pretty with her dress and her boyfriend at the time. I wish I could go to prom. I mean I guess I could go. But I don't have anybody to go with. Unless...maybe I can ask Harry. That actually is a pretty good idea. I smiled to myself as I opened my closet and looked for todays outfit. 

I pulled out an outfit, and then walked over to the bathroom. I'm not going to take a shower today because I'm not dirty and I took one yesterday. I brushed threw my hair and did the waterfall braid and added a bow at the end of the braid. Then I got dressed into this;

By the time I finished with my make-up and all that, it was 9:50. Liam should be here shortly. I walked back into my room and sat down on my bed and started scrolling through twitter. I had a bunch of new followers, and there was so many people being so nice to me. I decided on reply to a few tweets.

@Randomness05- Hey @PaigeSparks ! Can you help me get to 1000 followers? Can you maybe follow me?

@PaigeSparks- Already did ;) @Randomness05

I scrolled through a couple more tweets, then clicked randomly on one.

@Directioner4life-@PaigeSparks you and @HarryStyles make the worlds cutest couple!!  How'd you get such an amazing guy?

@PaigeSparks- Thank you!! And to answer your question...I'm not entirely sure @Directioner4life

I decided I was done replying to tweets, so I exited out of twitter, then stuck my phone in my pocket. I walked out of my room, and into the kitchen. Just as I was about to get a pepsi, there was a knock at the door. 

I smiled and walked over to the door, opening it. 

"Hey Liam,"I chirped and smiled at him.

He chuckled, "Hey Paige. You ready?"

I nodded and walked out of my flat. We walked silently to his car. The car ride to the fair was quiet except for the radio, which is what made it not awkward. 

Once we made it to the fair, we both got out and walked to the ticket both. I insisted on paying for my own wrist band, but in the end Liam won and ended up paying. 

"Why'd do you do that?" I asked looking towards Liam.

Liam smirked, "Do what?"

I rolled my eyes, "You know what."

"Do I?" 

I smacked his arm playfully, "Yes, you do. Now come on...let's go have some fun."

He nodded and we both went to go on some rides.


By the time we were done with the rides, it was 5:00. I sighed as I looked at the time on my phone.

Liam looked at me, "What's wrong? Did you not have a good time?"

"No, I did. That's why I'm not thrilled about having to leave," I smiled at him.

He laughed and we headed back towards his car. I did have a lot of fun today. We went on all of the rides, even though some of them I didn't want to go on. And we ate lunch and we also just walked around and talked. We played a few of their games, and I won myself a teddy bear. Today was a really good day. I hope tomorrow and the next day are as good as the days I've had with Louis and Liam.

We made it back to his car, and got in. I pulled out my phone once we were in. I opened up the camera then turned to Liam.

"Let's take a picture. So I have something to remember today by," I smiled at him.

He nodded in agreement then moved closer to me. We took two pictures. A normal one, and a goofy one.

"Thanks,for today. I had a lot of fun. It's tied for first with yesterday," I giggled as I put my phone away.

Liam laughed, "Oh, so your seeing who you have the best day with?"

I shrugged, "Maybe...maybe not."

He rolled his eyes and began driving back to my flat.


I gave Liam a hug goodbye, and walked back into my flat. I had a really good day with Liam today. Which caused a bit of a problem... I get that same feeling in my stomach when I talk to Liam as I do when I talk to Harry. 

I think I like Liam too... My life is going to become total chaos.


A/N: Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy guys!!!! Whats up? I'm sorry it's been so long since I've updated, but I got really busy and never found time... Anyways. Were you expecting that? Paige likes Harry...but now Liam too? And Harry thinks she might like Niall to...What do you think? Does she like all 3 or just Liam and Harry? Who do you want her to end up with? Comment, like, and favorite!! Bye guys!

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