Things I can, things I can't - Larry stylinson

Things i can, things i can't -
"you never tried like us, you never had to hide like us" - Louis Tomlinson.

Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles are truely madly deeply in love with each other but management won't allow them to be together without hiding so they hide from the truth. Louis Tomlinson is living a doubble life with his love. He's having a beard Eleanor Calder, Harry hates it and tries to break Louis just like Louis breakes him by sleeping with kendall jenner once. Their love fades out and to concerts everything goes wrong. They fight. They hate. They love. At one point everything starts to be to much for Harry, to much to see Louis with Eleanor, to much pain. What will happend to Harry will he survive the pain?


10. Chapter 7 - I can't do this, i'm sorry

Louis point of view:


The music played, every single person inside O2 were dancing, jumping and singing with us, what a feeling.  I jumped around just like I’m used to, I looked around on the stage, Harry stood there not doing a thing, the only thing he did was to stare out above the crowd. He closed his eyes and when his solo came in little things he didn’t even sing it. “Harry?” I tried to yell while laughing so the concert wouldn’t get ruined. “I can’t do this, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.”  He said looking at me, looking at Liam, Niall and Zayn and not to mention the crowd. Harry ran down from the scene and in backstage. “He probably had to pee or something.” Liam yelled to the crowd. “I think so too Liam, why not just play some games then.” I said and the crowd screamed. “I guess that’s a yes.” I said while smiling. 

Harrys point of view:


My head was burning, the whole thing seemed too much for me right now, and I can’t look at fucking Louis without feeling guilt. “Harry get your ass up on that scene now.” A manager yelled at me, bloody dumbass. “I can’t I need to go home, now.” I said while taking of all of that scene shit you obviously need to have one. “Harry you leave now and it’s over, no more One Direction and I mean it.” The manager yelled, his look turned from please go up there to motherfucker go up there or no more living the dream Fuck that did hurt inside my already painful body. “I’m sorry okay.” I said and looked at all of the managers around, not to mention sweet Lux sitting on the floor playing with a teddy bear. I walked over to her, I looked at her, and I

big blue eyes fell into mine, in almost felt like she were eating my eyes through hers. I left O2 as quick as possible, I needed to get home, and I needed to end this once and for all. 

Louis point of view:


“That was awesome guys.” I said smiling at them all. “Louis it sucked, where were the bloody Harry, I missed him up there.” Liam almost yelled. A manager came up to us, he looked at me pretty serious, I’m always the one to get all cozy on, just because I am his boyfriend, not to mention that he don’t treat me as one but fuck that right now, I won’t deal with it anymore, I can’t, and when I say the word cozy it’s sarcasm, I wanted you to laugh pretty well high so I can hear it from your house to my apartment. “Harry walked out on you, and he isn’t in this band anymore.” The manager said. “WHAT?” Zayn yelled, he looked frightened around the room, and I mean I get why. “He can’t do that, we’re best friends right?” Niall said, he always get so sentimental about things like this. “Guys, it’s my entire fault, we have been fighting the last couple of days, I’m going to his flat and I’ll talk to him.” I said. “We trust you Louis.” Liam said. I nodded and went for my car, I hurried to Harry’s apartment, and it wasn’t long from O2, so it wouldn’t take long. When I came to his apartment I almost ran up the stairs just to get to his door, I didn’t knock on it, I still had the key to it so I just used that. “Harry?” I yelled, I was ready to forgive him, he told me he didn’t sleep with her, when he say he didn’t he really didn’t. I’m sure about that. “Harry where are you.” I yelled again, I didn’t get a damn answer from him, he wasn’t in the bedroom, maybe he’s hiding from me because he’s scared I’ll yell at him for the things I though he did. “Harry?” I said and tried to open the bathroom door but it was closed. “Harry I know that you’re probably mad at me, I know that you told me the truth Harry I know that, I love you so much and I mean that, let us just please forget it, I want to be yours, truly, madly, deeply be yours, please open?” I said with a calm voice, he didn’t answer. “Harry babe please, I know that you’re probably mad at me.” I said, he still didn’t answer it got me questioning if he actually was in the bathroom but since it was looked he probably were out there. “I’m going to break down the door now Harry.” I yelled and that I did. I break down the door and there he was lying on the floor, there was blood everywhere, literally blood pools “Omg babe.” I yelled and hurried down to him, his wrist was all up, not only little cuts but big open once, he was not breathing at all, and he had no kind of pulse. I began crying but what would it help. I took him up in my arms, I held him close to my body. “I loved you so damn much, this is my entire fault I’m so sorry please forgive me.” I said with tears streaming down my eyes. I took my phone up and called 911, how I had hoped I would just come in here and he would have been looking down the ground with eyes crying saying he loved me too but no, he was dead on the spot. My heart stopped for remarks, it really stopped. My love stopped. It was not only painful it was hard to see him like this.


“Louis.” The other boys yelled from down the hall. The hospital was sad and smelled like old fish. All the boys hugged me, they looked at me, they all cried. “Harry, he didn’t make it.” I said crying. “I already miss him.” Niall said and hugged me again. “He was the best that had ever happened to me.” I said and began crying again. They all nodded. “He was amazing Louis.” Liam said. This would be something the entire world would cry over, the loss of Harry would be high, the girls would probably kill them self just by the thought of him not being here anymore. 

Harrys point of view:


I ran to the bathroom. I closed my eyes thinking about everything, every tear I have lost on mistakes, every love I have gained from reality, all the hope and all of my dreams that I have achieved. I looked down at myself. My heart was crying and my pain was awfully painful. I took out a razorblade, I cut my wrist open. The pain was terrible. I closed my eyes and fell to the cold ground. I thought about everything, every directioner, I thought about Louis, the one I loved the most in this world but he didn’t love me and he would never love me again. “I’m sorry.” I whispered to myself. I could fell every inch of my body closing down, my heart stopping and the weight from my bones drop. Harry you’re the best thing in my world do you know that? – Harry stop teasing around and come to the bed, I need you – I love when you make me smile – I want to be yours forever okay I fell into my deep sleep that I would sleep forever while thinking about all the things Louis said to me. I loved him, and I will always love him no matter what. 


(This was probably the most sad thing in the whole world, Harry and Louis didn't make it together, it breaks my heart but love ends this way sometimes when you love a person that bad! I hope you didn't hate the way my ending turned out, i'm going to make this epilog so stay tuned for that!) 

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