Things I can, things I can't - Larry stylinson

Things i can, things i can't -
"you never tried like us, you never had to hide like us" - Louis Tomlinson.

Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles are truely madly deeply in love with each other but management won't allow them to be together without hiding so they hide from the truth. Louis Tomlinson is living a doubble life with his love. He's having a beard Eleanor Calder, Harry hates it and tries to break Louis just like Louis breakes him by sleeping with kendall jenner once. Their love fades out and to concerts everything goes wrong. They fight. They hate. They love. At one point everything starts to be to much for Harry, to much to see Louis with Eleanor, to much pain. What will happend to Harry will he survive the pain?


5. Chapter 3 - Prentending not to know

Harrys point of view:


I don’t ever think that I have been that scared before, it’s all Louis fault but I’m okay now, after the sex you can only be okay, its Louis we’re talking about. “Are you awake babe.” Louis whispered and kissed my chin. “No not at all.” I teased. “Silly head.” He said. “Don’t say that or else I’ll just hit your beautiful face again.” I said and he started laughing. “I’m going to make some food for us.” I said and raised my body up from the bed. Louis looked at me with glory eyes. “Baby I’m sorry I can’t stay I have this thing with Eleanor.” Louis said and looked down in the floor. He came close to me and pressed his filthy lips against mine. “Louis if this relationship is going to work you need to have time for me too.” I said and my tears formed in the corner of my eyes, I let the small tears out and Louis saw them.  “Harry, I’m trying to make it work, if I could then I had surely chosen to be here all day in bed with you but Modest Harry.” He almost yelled.  I knew what I meant by Modest! “It’s okay just remember I’m here okay.” I said and smiled at Louis. He looked sad, I did too, I wanted him not a reminder of him. “Look I’ll be home by evening and we’ll cook mash potatoes and chicken like we did the first meal we ever cooked together.” He laughed and pressed his lips against my forehead. “That’s a deal, remember Lou.” I yelled and he was out of my apartment, out of my point of view.


My phone was buzzing out. I looked at it, I had a hope about it being Louis calling, telling me that he missed me but of course that was just a silly hope. “Hi Niall what’s going on mate.” I said while sounding happy but Inside I was pissed and sad not to mention depressed. “I’m throwing this party come over.”  He said already sounding half drunk. “Now? Like right in this moment?” I said surprised. “Yes you jerk, I can’t get ahold of Louis tell him to come too, I could imagine you being with him.” He said laughing. Sorry Niall but Louis are with his non-existing girlfriend Eleanor but I’ll tell him sure. “I’m coming right now.”  I hang up and hurried out to the bathroom to take a fast but nice bath. After the bath I took some plain jeans on, just the black once that I always wear, I love them. I have this relationship with them I have relationships with all of my jeans and not to mention shirts. I took a white shirt on, plain like the jeans. I wrote a little note for Louis to see when he would come back at some point of his lifetime. Hi Louis. Niall is throwing a party tonight, come!


“Perfection.” Liam yelled into my ears, he pointed at a girl I knew perfectly, not knew like I knew her personal but I knew her by name. Kendall Jenner, yes her. The alcohol were stumbling around in my body, I didn’t count how much I actually drank tonight the only thing I know is that I am pretty buzzed out by the amount of alcohol. “Holy shh” I yelled back at Liam. “Fuck her Harry.” Liam yelled, he was pretty drunk himself, if he wasn’t drunk he had never said the word fuck. I stumbled on the two legs that I almost couldn’t feel, I stumbled my way over to Kendall. “Hello Beautiful.” I said giving her the look, the flirting look that I have been practicing for these causes. “Hi Harry right.” She said while smiling. What was I doing? Louis. My boyfriend Louis, how can I even do this while I’m with, not just him, but the love of my freaking life! He’s probably with Eleanor.. It breaks me into tears just thinking about them together kissing these horrible fake kisses. Maybe I should just show Louis that if he can have a girlfriend on the side then I can too. “No I’m Stuart not Harry.” I said and Kendall began laughing. She’s beautiful as hell. “Do you want a drink?” I asked and she nodded. “Let us find a quieter place Harry?” She said with a flirt. “But where.” I asked. “At my hotel?” She asked and I nodded. “Do you have drinks there?” I smiled at her. “Of course I’m Kendall Jenner why shouldn’t I have plenty amounts of fresh drinks.” She laughed and I laughed with her, almost at her, she sounded like a bitch but her looks gave me the lust. We went out of Nialls apartment and paparazzi’s had lined up like some wild lions from London zoo. She stumbled over to her car and there he stood, at the parking lot looking at me like a mad men. I smiled at him pretending that what I was doing were alright and not wrong at all, but I knew that It was because I loved Louis. He didn’t take his eyes off of me, he just stood there looking at me going into Kendall’s car.

Louis point of view:


“Harry I’m home babe.” I yelled and threw my shoes at the same spot that I took them on. I stumbled around the house but no Harry. Where was that boy? I noticed a little note on the kitchen table saying Hi Louis. Niall is throwing a party tonight, come! I thought we were going to make dinner and have a lot of fun tonight but I guess Harry made other plans and I guess I’m going just to be close to the boy I love with my whole heart. Cliché love I know but it’s the truth.


I went as fast as I could out to my car, the car that I moments ago that I locked because I didn’t think I was going to use it more today but that was proved wrong. I’m not angry at Harry, only disappointed that he wanted to go to this party and not be with me, alone this evening but I guess we can do that some other time soon. I started my car and drove as fast as I could to Nialls apartment in North London. When I came there I hurried myself by finding the nearest parking spot, I saw all the photographers. I hate paparazzi’s, no private life but I guess that’s something you have to deal with being in a famous boy band, I’m not tired of it yet am I? I am though, but I don’t let it get me down at all. When I got out of my car my eyes met Harrys. I thought I was going to say hello to him and go in there with him and have a drink but no. He came out with a girl and not just a girl. Fucking Kendall Jenner, perfect. I just stopped, like stop dance, everything was like dancing on roses but the music obviously stopped and I did too. Harry smiled at me, he didn’t even look sad or guilty, like he didn’t care about me, his boyfriend, but maybe I was just a fucking playmate for his gay needs. I saw them get in the car together and driving away with a fast speed. The flash rays hit me and I woke up. “Fuck of.” I yelled and ran into the party, I needed to find the other boys or just one of them, I needed answers so badly.


“Liam.” I yelled and poked Liam on his shoulder, he turned around with a smile on his face that I would hope he could remove. “Louis my man, how are you.” He said laughing. “Can we talk together now?!” I said or I actually demanded it. He nodded and followed me, he left his girlfriend Sophia by her own with a kiss on the cheek and he was following me. We went into Nialls bedroom, here we could be alone, I hoped. “No buttfuck Louis, use Harry for that.” He ironically said. He was fucking drunk. Perfect. “Why did Harry leave with Kendall?” I asked seriously. Liam looked serious back at me but started laughing. “For real?” He said sounding surprised. “Yes you idiot or else I hadn’t asked.” I said and he laid his filthy hand on my cheek. “Listen mate he’s going to fuck her tonight, he has his boobs needs to you know, he’s bisexual Louis.” He said and at that moment I felt my body touching the concrete floor. “Thanks Liam.” I said and I ran to my car without any kind of fucking doubt I was going where Harry was and I was going to beat Kendall’s butt or maybe not. I was going to see what they were doing. Looking into a window or peeking into the keyhole, smart that was invented.

(This chapter made my Larry heart break :( By the way, I have no hate going on at Kendall Jenner I think she's amazing! Please comment what you think it would mean the world to me to hear your opinion :) // Beths_Playground)

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