The Half Blood Legends: Daughter of Poseidon

Claire goes to a troubled school but she soon finds out that she's a demigod and that her father is. Sorry! got to keep that a secret! You'll just have to read to find out!


9. I meet a god

I went back down stairs and Chiron said. “Good bye Claire.” “Bye.” And Jade and Lyra went to get there prophecy. I walked out the door tripped on a soda can and almost fell but Peter caught me. His brown hair falling all over his face in the process and his nice brown eyes looking at me. I blushed. He helped me to my feet and said. “So your leaving eh?” “Yeah.” “Um, would you, do” I held me hand up to stop him. “Save it. You’re cute when you’re nervous.” And I hugged Peter, he was so shocked but hugged back. I could feel his face getting hotter and hotter from blushing. When we let go I laughed, his face as red as a strawberry he said. “So good luck!” “Thanks.”And he ran off I walked up to the shore of canoe lake and turned to get one last glimpse of camp half-blood the cabins, the forest, the dining pavilion, everything that became my new home then I dove in to the surf. My senses were sharpened; I could see the current and everything. And I swam forward not really knowing where I was going or where I needed to go but I kept going, I was looking for someone that wasn’t a fish but I took my chances and asked an angelfish. It said. “The Atlantic of course!” “I know that! But where can I go to get to Poseidon’s palace.” It pointed forward and I swam forward. After I passed three shipwrecks, eight coral reefs everything became strangely quiet I opened my locket and pressed the trident symbol and it grew back to a five foot long celestial bronze sword. Then I heard someone swimming behind me a spun around and in front of me was a mer ready to attack. He had green skin, brown hair, a blue tail, and had a spear pointed to my throat and wore armor. I looked around and I was surrounded. Then I felt something hit my leg and I blacked out. I woke up in a throne room with grand columns and a boy was hovering over me. He wore full battle armor and what I could see through his helmet he had jet black hair sea green eyes just like mine. But I could feel his power so he must have been immortal I sat up and rubbed the throbbing pain in leg. He was listening to the mer beside him make a report. I looked I down and my locket was around my neck. My sword does that it’s magic. It can appear back around my neck if I lose it. I stand up and look around. The boy looks at me and gestures for merman to leave. He turns to me and says. “Are you looking for our father?” “Yes?” it just hit me on who this guy is he is Poseidon’s and his wife’s son so basically he’s a god. ''So do you have any idea where Poseidon is?'' ''If i did i would be looking for him my self! BE GONE!'' And i left Poseidon's palace and swam to shore. after about three hours of swimming i made it to a beach walked up the dock and stopped a taxi i slide into the back seat and fished out thirty bucks from my bag and said. "To the boarder please!'' And we drove off. i took off my backpack and used it as a pillow and i had a dream. It's a demigod curse. i was at a small camp and two people were sitting around a fire one was a blonde wearing a camp shirt and shorts the second had black hair and wore a purple cape with a camp shirt and blue jeans. I knew who they were Lyra and Jade. Jade was describing something when she said. ''You got the plan Lyra.'' ''Yeah! We're heading to a hostile roman demigod camp were the loath Greek demigods and that your there Praetar. Sign me up!'' ''Lyra this is serious! They need to know that the Titans are rising!'' ''Ok! Calm down! Geez! Don't get your panties in a bundle sweetheart!'' Then i woke up to screaming.
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