The Half Blood Legends: Daughter of Poseidon

Claire goes to a troubled school but she soon finds out that she's a demigod and that her father is. Sorry! got to keep that a secret! You'll just have to read to find out!


6. I am the Daughter of Poseidon

Two weeks had passed since the capture the flag game and when Lyra got claimed. Peter taught me and Jade how to steal stuff from the camp store and now I’m friends with over half the cabin. And I am friends with a lot of Hephaestus cabin and the Aphrodite cabin also the rest except for Ares cabin. So my life is pretty good right now, and Jade and I became friends. Breakfast and me and Jade were talking about sword techniques and that we were planning to go to the sword arena and have a practice duel. So we got up and went, when we got to the arena someone was in there she had long blonde hair that went up to her waist and fierce sky blue eyes and wore a camp shirt and shorts it was Lyra. “Hey Lyra! How are you doing?” Jade yelled. “Look out!” And we hit the ground, where I was standing was now a smoldering hole I looked at Lyra with a horrified expression on my face and she just said. “Oh! I’m sorry! Did I scare you! You horrible friend! Lefts have a duel!” I nodded and got up and opened my locket and pressed the trident symbol and it grew to a five foot long celestial bronze sword. Which fyi is deadly to monsters. Jade said. “No Claire you can’t do this you don’t even know who’s your dad yet.” “Well if I win I will probably make him proud.” And I walked up to Lyra and said. “Try not to kill me.” “I’ll do my best.” And she lounged at me I step sided and cut Lyra’s arm. She fell face first into the ground but recovered quickly and said. “I’m impressed.” And attacked me with lightning and I flew back and hit a rack of swords. Everything hurt and I couldn’t move then the voice inside my head said. ‘Claire go to the beach’ ‘Ok!’ I thought back the voice filled me with strength and I got up and ran out of the arena with Lyra right behind me yelling curses and Jade running toward the big house to hopefully to get Chiron. But the time I made it to the beach there was already a crowd of campers but I didn’t care and I made it through the crowd and ran into the water in till I was waist deep and I looked back and Lyra was coming it was now or never right and I dove in. My instincts took over and I could breath under water and my clothes didn’t get wet and I could see everything the current it was like my sense were sharpened. Lyra was standing where I was but Chiron was at the beach and Lyra went back to shore, but Jade kept calling my name and I didn’t want to leave in till Lyra was gone. So I sat there and waited in till it was just Chiron and Jade and I came back up. Jade ran toward and said. “I’m going to hurt you! And I thought you drowned! And oh my gods!” I looked at myself and I was glowing sea green and above my head a symbol of a trident. Chiron said. “Jade, Claire come with me.” And we followed. And my symbol faded as we made our way to the big house.
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