The Half Blood Legends: Daughter of Poseidon

Claire goes to a troubled school but she soon finds out that she's a demigod and that her father is. Sorry! got to keep that a secret! You'll just have to read to find out!


5. Capture the flag

After we woke up the sun was starting to set when Peter came in with three backpacks and tossed them to each of us and said. “There’s clothes, Toothbrush, Toothpaste and other stuff in there. By the way dinnertime.” And he left. I unzipped the backpack I saw a orange camp shirt. I slipped it on and blue jeans. I put them on and said. “Wow! These fit!” Lyra nodded and so did Jade, and we left for dinner. When we into the dining pavilion which and no roof and sat down all we saw were empty plates. Lyra picked hers up and flipped it over examining it and I thought ‘I wish I had some pancakes and milk’ and then my plate and goblet had just what I asked. Lyra said. “How did you do that?” The girl that stole Lyra’s good luck charm said. “There magic silly just think what you would like and it will appear!” Lyra’s plate had pizza on it and her cup had root beer in it and Jade just moonlight salad with some sweet tea. I walked up and offered half of my meal to the gods, so did Jade and Lyra. Then we sat back down. After we got done eating Chiron announced. ''Tonight after dinner will be capture the flag!'' There was a million cheers and the girl whispered. ''The names Opal. And this is Alex.'' Alex said. ''What's up?'' Jade got up and left and we continued talking. After dinner the Hermes cabin went over by the Athena cabin and with us was the Hephaestus cabin and Apollo. Everyone was wearing armor and a Greek helmet with a blue tail, then someone slammed something on my head hard I might add. Lyra said. ‘’You going to need this.’’ And I got all my armor on and this girl from Athena that had long brown and vibrant gray eyes got us all in a football huddle. ''Okay! Hephaestus cabin you are the defense, you need to gruad the northern part of our territory, Hermes half of you will guard the flag and Claire, Lyra, I need you to stand guard here by this creek. And Apollo will be scattered among the front lines. Now me, Linda, Jamie, and Lizzie will be the ones who go into the red teams territory. Alight let's move!'' We separated into the woods and me and Lyra made it to the creek. Chiron blew the horn to start and we waited. We hid behind trees I opened my sword by pressing the trident symbol and Lyra flipped the coin both of our hand had three feet, celestial bronze swords, It seemed like forever but then someone came though we were poised to strike. ''On three, 1,2,...3!'' And we sprang out of our hiding place and Lyra moving with amazing speed knocked out three guys from the Ares cabin. Me i was working on there senior officer Hay Lin. She looked Chinese and had black hair and blue eyes. She moved fast she stroke with her javelin and fire blazed though me, it was like it was made with fire. I stumbled into the creek, Hay Lin was advancing on me 'How am i going to beat her when I’m wounded.' Then i felt my strength returning and a stood up but then Hay Lin flew back and there was a kind of electricity in the air I saw why Lyra and stared at the symbol above her head. A lightning bolt, and she was glowing white then I heard Chiron say. ''Blue team won!'' I looked over and saw that Peter was staring at Lyra with a look of shook on is face and the red flag in his hand then i gave him a look that said. ‘What?’ Peter mouthed I’ll tell you later. Then Chiron said. “Lyra I need to talk to you.” I got out of the creek and Lyra went with Chiron to the big house leaving me behind.
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