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Her name is Charlotte but her friends call her Char, she gets what she wants when she wants. But what will happen when her and 3 friends Amber, Cara and Jessie go to see One Direction will she fall head over heels for Harry Styles our will she play hard to get.


1. The news.

Note;This is actually my first movella I'm sorry if its not that good the first parts alright but i can tell you when they get to the concert in part 2 its gets better. 


My name is Charlotte but my friends call me char. I'm currently in collage and i don't mean to brag but everyone wants to be me. I'm that popular person you get in every school you know the bitch gets what she wants. But i'm not like that i can be but i prefer to be nice to people well other than my worst enemy Courtney. Today was going to be the day that i told my 3 best friends that i was taken them to see One Direction. 

We were currently walking to lunch after 1 hour of maths all i done was sat and listened to the teacher brag on about god knows what. But i was so excited for dinner because i get to tell them that we have back stage passes to meet the one and only One Direction..

"Hey girls, You not going to believe what i have got for uss." At that moment they all just looked at me confused probably because i had a smile from ear to ear but i didn't care. "OMG WHAT?"Amber looked at me her blue eyes lit up like she knew what i was going to say. "I have got you all back stage passes for.." I stopped mid sentence to see there confused faces it was a picture i would never forget. "Omg Char, just tell us who?"You could tell Cara was getting annoyed at me she just wanted to know but i was just being a complete bitch by not telling.I took a deep breath and shouted "ONE DIRECTION!."


"ONE DIRECTION." Did i just hear that right "ONE FREAKING DIRECTION." I shouted in disbelief Char has never ever gone out her way to buy us such well this. Char just looked at me and nodded her head. While i was hyperventilating Cara and Jessie just stood laughing at me they knew i has such a crush on Niall Horan and this was my chance to get him. I knew the reason why Char had done this she liked Harry she's always wanted to mess with his head and play hard to get you see shes a tease in relationships.


"Char we all know why you have done this?" I told her stating the truth. She just looked at me she looked like she was thinking of a reply. "Soo at least i thought about bringing you at least i got you the ticket if you don't want it i will take it back?."Char had never been like this with me i just looked at her in disbelief that she actually said that to me, When i had took her words into my head i simply replayed with "Oh i didn't mean it in a bad way i just meant we all know you want Harry!." I felt weak but then i just started to laugh at her face she had such a cheeky grin. 

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