Thicker than Water


1. Thicker Than Water

Hey.. Most of us in this world have a species.. There's, Vampires, Werewolf's, Pixies And Other that i don't know yet. Oh and By the way, Im a Vampire Cat. Sounds Funny Right? Well its True!

I lost my Family In war between Werewolves and Cats. How i was made was that my father was a Vampire And my mom was A cat. My name is Paris June Anallese. I was born i Paris But my mom was Irish and my dad was English so I'm a mix between those two. my mother said i have a brother somewhere but she gave me his full name, so today im searching for him. He's a vampire. Greattt. 

  Im In the car driving to the airport. He lives in Mulligar, Ireland. i live in Doncaster, England.

I have my birth certificate. My REAL last name is Horan? I like it better! i show the lady my papers and she showed me to a privet jet? woah. then i stay calm and relax. 

i get Off the plane and get into a limo. wow!? we get at a big house and the limo driver grabs my bags and i knock on the door. "Hello?" and a curly haired boy answers, "I am Paris Horan. May i speak to Um.. Niall horan?" "Come in! i didnt know niall had a sister!" "Well he doesn't Either"

"What do you mean.?" "im his long sister, Just get him please!" "ok. NIALL!" he yelled. A boy with blond hair came down, Niall?

 "Hello, Im your sister."

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