Thicker than Water


2. Chapter 2


       "Im Your Sister." I said

  "Thats Impossible." he argued 

 "Here," I said passing my birth certificate 

 "Let me talk to you." he grabbed my arm and went took me to another room.

 "what are you." He asked.

 "Let me ask you, Does curly know about YOU?" 

 "Hey, thats harry, and i have other friends i wa-" 

"Just answer my question.!." 

"Yes, my FRIENDS know, They're like us."

"What are you!" 

"im a Vampire. you?"

"Vampire Cat."

"Thats Funny.." He started cracking up.

i got pretty mad. So i turned into a cat. 


 "omg!! let show you to the rest!" he said.

 we walked into the living room. there were 5 boys there.

"Boys meet my Sister, Paris!"

"your sisters a cat?" A boy with plaid on answered

"Paris is a vampire cat"

"Paris, Meet my Boys! Thats Liam." he said pointing to plaid.


"Louis" Oh..

"Zayn" Ooh. :)

"Rawwwrr" is all i said

"Gimme Her!!!" Zayn said. he started petting me. 

"ok paris, let me show you your room" niall said smiling 

zayn put me down and i followed niall. "This will be your room. we gotta decorate it!" he said. 

FINALLY! HUMAN AGAIN! "OK sounds good! Let me go introduce myself to the boys." i said.

"Hello boys! I AM A CAT!"i said

"hello Paris, may i speak to you?" Zayn said "Yeah." i said while i followed him out of the room. "Would you like to go hunting tonight?" he asked. 


 "ok, tomorrow were going to get cat toys and stuff for you."

  "cool. Ok."


 "Come on. Cat yourself, or something." 

 i cat'ted myself. And we are off, i saw a Owl, im going for it. i darted off. 

 RAWWWRHH! i got it!


 were slipping through the window. "Ahh im so tired-" i said then fell to sleep on the living room floor. 


 Zayn POV-

 she just fell asleep. wow. I picked her up and put her in the end on my bed and i fell asleep.


 she was gone. i got up and went into the kitchen. "There you are!!" i said. she ran over to me. and she jumped onto the counter and- A note? {hey whoever. im being a cat for a while so. act me as you pet.} OK nice note. i picked her up and put her in the chair. "Are you hungry Paris?" i asked. she ran over here. "ok this isnt working," she said behind me. 


  Paris POV-

i couldn't take it 

"ok this isn't working," i said. i walked away into niall room. i woke him up. "Niall, Niall. getup. i have nothing to wear," 

"Arrgghh" he mumbled 

"come on. please." 


 "c'mon lets go shopping" he said

"Niall, Is there somthing your hiding from me?" i asked

he sighed. "Yes.. Im in a band, One Direction."

"Really?! Really?! Not even Zayn Told me!" 

"Im sorry." 

i sighed. "fine."

"lets get out,"

 The mall? is he rich? 



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