you and me forever


1. Awkward...

(Zoella's POV)

I was so excited. We'd all just gotten back from vidcon and everyone was coming round to mine and my brother joe's house.By every one i mean Caspar, Marcus, Tyler and Alfie. I was wearing Black jeans with a white blouse, which had silver studs on the collar.Ten minuets after i had gotten fully dressed, the doorbell rang. Joe welcomed everyone  into our large living room. Caspar had brought a few beers for him and the  guys, however Alfie brought some cokes because he knew how much i despised alcohol.Tyler was holding three large dominoes pizza boxes, which we had ordered half an hour ago.

"Lets crack open some beers and start eating, i'm Hank Marvin" joked Marcus.We sat in a circle and sipped our drinks, whilst devouring out pizza slices.

"Alright guys, how about a game of dares?" asked Joe.

"Sure that will be pretty funny"cheered Caspar.

"Here, we can use this beer bottle to decide who's turn it is" Alfie suggested . He flicked his hand, causing the bottle to spin rapidly. We all waited for the result nervously. It landed on Tyler. 

"Ha ha this is gonna be hilarious, Tyler i dare you to go outside naked and scream my penis is on fire" laughed Caspar. 

"thanks fricken messed up, but OK". As he ran downstairs stripping, we all dashed over to the window to see if he had the guts to do it, he did. 

"MY PENIS IS ON FIRE" bellowed Tyler. Everyone burst  in to laughter and giggles as he put his clothes on with a blushing face.

The bottle was spun around again but this time landing on me."Ohhhh Zoe looks like its your turn" gasped Marcus.

"What ever just give me the dare".

"I dare you to kiss Alfie for a full minute". I felt Alfie tense up beside me, this was going to be awkward.



(Alfie's POV) 

The rest of the guys laughed hysterically at me and Zoe. I knew exactly why Marcus gave Zoe this dare, It was because i'd recently told him how i felt about her.This was obviously his way of playing match maker.Although there was no point in hiding it their had always been a kind of sexual tension between me and her and every one else knew it.I felt her body turn to face me.

"well i better just get this over and done with" She groaned.

"Zoe you don't have to do this"

"its okay it wont be that bad, beside i don't what to be called a chicken for the rest of my life"

We both leaned closer to each other faces and with in seconds out lips were connected. 

Her lips were incredibly soft, the kiss felt so passionate. It didn't feel like the kiss was for a dare it felt like it was for love.Butterflies were fluttering all around the inside of my stomach as the kiss continued. After 20 seconds Zoe became a bit unsteady so i supported her by Wrapping my left arm around her skinny waist,whilst she held on to my shoulders. I never wanted this moment to end, it felt like we were alone, but unfortunately the minute was up.





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