Love Seasons

Love is divided into different seasons.
Spring -- the season for love to blossom, like the fresh buds of flowers.
Summer -- the most passion and strong season for love.
Autumn -- the passion disappeared and love started to fade.
Winter -- Everything came to an end.
Meet Spring Toddler, Summer Gates, Autumn Cower and Winter Kelly. Four different girl, four different personalities, but best friends. They are now having a relationship with the boys of One Direction. They knew it will be tough. But that's life, right? Or did they did they do the wrong decision? Or wrong direction? Read the story and you will know.


1. Prologue

    "No way, you must be kidding," I laughed nonstop as my friend told me her day at work.

    "No, that's true," she said.

    Hi. I'm Roseline Jones. I'm now chatting and laughing with my best friends, Spring Toddler, Summer Gates, Autumn Cower and Winter Kelly in a cafe.

    I know. It's strange to use seasons for names, but their names can totally view their personalities.

    Spring is shy and kind. She is always warm heart, speaks softly and loves anything that's cute and lovely. She is now a primary school teacher. Her boyfriend is in the famous boy band, One Direction, Liam Payne.

    Summer is always loud and passionate about girly things. She is a top model and now in a relationship with Harry Styles.

    Autumn is sometimes a bit negative. She was well-educated and is a professor in a university. (She is not old, just 20) Niall and her had made a lovely couple.

    Winter is always negative. She hardly think anything that is good. However, there must be some special reason for Zayn to love her dearly. Winter had no job. She had married Zayn two months ago.

    And me. Well, I'm a normal girl. I have a normal job as a clerk in a normal firm. I live in a normal place. I have a normal life. But there's just one thing I'm different.

    I'm friend with the famous boy band, One Direction.

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