*Complete* The MockingJay's Nest

Short story about District 12 just after Katniss blows up the force field and some of the victors escape. The capitol send planes. Hundreds of them. Just to reek havoc on the Mocking Jay's nest.


1. Raining Fire

I run. Dodging through the ashes trying to reach the family burning alive in their own home. I reach the blazing house, orange ribbons of fire licking and devouring the building. I reach a small gap in the collapsed half of the house and look in. All the other exits were blocked with fire or glowing beams that had collapsed. I slip though the gap to get to the family. I duck under a burning beam and rush to them, coughing from the black tendrils of smoke. I kneel down by a crying little girl and wrap my scarf around her face before scooping her up and ushering the mother and brother to follow me. We race across what used to be the living room to the small gap and I feed the little girl through. After telling her to stand away from the house, she runs to a safe distance. Me and the little girl's brother help the mother through next and she runs to her daughter, hugging her fiercely. I link my fingers to provide a step for the brother and he puts his foot on my hands. I count to three before launching him up to the gap. After he squeezes through he lowers his hands to pull me up. I grip his hands tightly and he strains as he lifts me through the hole. We collapse on the floor coughing and wheezing from the smoke. Ash stains my blonde hair and soot covers my face. The mother and little girl run over to us and hugs the brother tightly.

"You need to go." I croak. "Get away from here and get to the forest." The brother nods quickly, before standing and leading his family away. I turn and am about to run when his voice sounds out.

"Wait!" I turn back. "Who are you?" He cries. I look into his fear-filled face. I give a sad smile.

"My name is Madge. Madge Undersee." His eyes widen alongside his family's.

"You're... You're the Mayor's-"

"-Daughter. I know." I finish. "You need to run. Now!" He and his family turn away and bolt for the hole in the fence which will lead them to the forest. I brush a stray lock of hair from my face and run to my home, ignoring the loud crashes and screams from the bombs being dropped around me. I see my father and our two servants carrying my mother out of the house. I reach them as they get to the door. My father wraps his arms around me.

"God, I thought I'd lost you..." I hug him back and then hug my mum, before hugging the servants as well, surprising them a little.

"Come on." I say. "We've got to go no-" I stop short as we hear a crunching sound of metal on metal and whistling above us. We look up and see a bomb being directly dropped on top of our home. Time seems to slow down as I grab my family and almost drag them down the steps.

"R-U-N!" I scream, still in slow motion as the bomb gets meters away from the roof. We were halfway down the steps when it hit. Not far enough. Not far enough... The impact sends a wave of fire rushing towards us I turn to my family, my heartbeat sounding it my ears, getting faster and faster.

"MADGE!!!" I hear Gale scream my name but I don't listen. There is nothing he can do.

Ba boom. I turn towards my family. The wave is now ten meters. Ba boom. Tears run down my face as I smile. Five meters. Ba boom. "I love you." I whisper as I close my eyes, embracing death as long as I am with my family. Time's up and the fire surrounds us, blackening our skin, cooking and roasting us instantly. We all collapse on the ground. "Finish it Katniss. You've got to... To... To kill him... Kill... Snow..." I mutter with cracked and scorched lips as another bomb is dropped and a second wave hits us.

Ba boom... Ba boom... Ba...

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