The highbird games

This is the one day a year where tears fall and punches are thrown humans are rear and high birds are common there are highbirds witch are werewolfs/vampires. There are crosshighbirds werewolfs/vampire/eagle and the extremely rear werewolf/vampire/eagle/mermaid rose dalkson and jone dalkson's daughter Hannah is picked and she is a werewolf/vampire/eagle/mermaid
So let the 125 highbird games begin and may the odds be ever in your favor


4. Training

We all walked back stage fidnick did what I did pritty much 

them he asked if I could come on butter nods and I walk on.

is this aloud,I stand next to fidnick when he gets down on one knee

" Hannah iv loved you since the first day I met you when we kissed for the

first time I felt sparks no bombs will you do me the honner of be comeing my 

lovely wife " I was at a lost of words I nodded a bunch of times my hands were over my



we walked back stage agen the ring was soled gold with a dimend and two emaralds next to it 

I twisted it on my finger hamish said " well buttercup let's get you out of that and in to training

" I smiled I hope there's spears and throwing knifes hehe

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