The highbird games

This is the one day a year where tears fall and punches are thrown humans are rear and high birds are common there are highbirds witch are werewolfs/vampires. There are crosshighbirds werewolfs/vampire/eagle and the extremely rear werewolf/vampire/eagle/mermaid rose dalkson and jone dalkson's daughter Hannah is picked and she is a werewolf/vampire/eagle/mermaid
So let the 125 highbird games begin and may the odds be ever in your favor


3. Interview

Hannah's pov 

we walk off the train I put my fake smile on and kiss fidnick thy crowed rours in 

awwwws we and escorted to our building we are taken to the 5th floor and ... Damm

this palace it awesome the room is so scifi like 

"ok let's get ready we are on in 1 hr " I smile at the butterfly girl 

we walk on hamish takes fidnick to a room most likely to get ready

wile let's call her butter. Butter takes me to a room with lots of tools 

to get me ready 

"looks painfull"I say touching some kind of shaver 

"it is pain full but worth it" I jump form the unknown voice 

"o sorry I'm Alex "the man says. Well Alex 

"that's Alexa " he points to a girl in the corner and she jumps at her name

must be young she loos to be 14-16

"and jona " he points to an oldish lady she looks rilly kind lie she couldn't kill a fly 

"round up!!"Alex says butter leaves and the rest sit me on a bed 

"off with the closes "jona says

"WHAT!!!!!!!" I look at her like she's crazy 

how do we wax you with closes on "Alex says I nod 

quickly and take my closes off thay start grabbing straps off something and put them on

my arms legs and ya... The count to 123 and rip them off 

"aghhhhhhhhhhh" I yell it's like thay riped off my skin 

*after the peting*

we stand in line for the inter view all the boys are wereing tuxedos but all are a difarent culler

fidnick has blue for the sea were we come from I rember going down to the 

sea at night for a swim 

the line gos to quickly and it's my time to shine I walk 

up on stage and smile big my dress in blue and it drags on the floor my stylets told me 

when I think it's time twelel it a circle and fake water will fly around me 

i sat on the seat and looked at da dud jesamiled and said 

"hello Hannah dalkson tell me what do you like the most about this city"

"well you tell me"he looked confused for a sec and started larphing 

i don't see wats funny but eh 2 mins layer people started takeimg there eyes off me 

"hay can I show yous something cool"I said to the crowed thay yelle a 'yes' and I got up 

I twirled around water droplets circled me looking magical I dident even get wet 

I smiled and walked off when the bell went. That got there eyes 😄


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