This is a poem about what hurt feels like- short poem.
Please like it!


1. Hurt


It grips me like a tight fist,

Wrenching emotions from my heart.

It crushes me like a ten-tonne weight,

Pushing any happiness that was left onto the concrete.


It slams into me like a wall of ice,

Causing me to be constantly out of breath.

It whacks me like a wrecking ball,

Breaking me into pieces.


But it also makes me see,

For with innocence and happiness comes blindness and naivety.

And it makes me feel,

Because with luxury and luckiness comes numbness and nothingness.


But now that you can't read this,

Now that you can't hear my silent cries,

Now that you can't see this,

Now that you can't know the pain I feel,

This poem has become something.

This poem makes me hurt.



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