You and I

*Louis and Harry fan fiction*
Louis lives in Doncaster and like any other boy believes he is normal, but when the new kid marcel comes around Louis starts believing he is not so normal. He starts getting feelings for Marcel that he has never felt for a girl before. Will love find it's was or will it get lost in dreams and destinies.


4. Why not me?

Marcel's POV-
"He's going to die! He's going to die!" I scream (Half girly, half dorky) I turn around to face Max "What the hell is your problem!? If he dies I will kill you!!" Max grabs my face in both of his hands and throws me into the wall "Stay away from Louis, Edwards" How the hell does he know my last name, no-one has said it yet, then I realised that it said on my bag. Idiot. "What's wrong with me being with Louis, Max?" I sass, looking directly at his eyes. "So we're going to play this little game? Huh?" He drags me towards the door, I got a feeling this isn't going to end well "Whoa, Whoa. Let's not do this now, ok?" I look at him and he grunts "Later Edwards, later. When you're not expecting it and when no-one is here to save you." He says, eyeing a boy who was standing ready to fight, who was already eyeing Max. Max turns around and sprints down the hall, only to be jumped on by two of Louis punk friends, how they got there I have no idea. They latch their arms around his and drag him down the hall to somewhere else, I turn around to come face to face with the boy from before. He's tall and his tan skin complements his abs that show from under his see through white shirt. I can feel myself drooling over him, he's so.. omg! I want to die. "H-hi" He looks anywhere but me, waiting for an answer. Then it clicks that he was talking to me "H-h-hi?" I question, why would he want to talk to me. He's got to be straight with at least the whole school chasing him. Most of all my awkwardness was showing, shit marcel. Play it cool, but my only 'friend' is unconscious in the next room. The one who took my breath away, the one who I feel electricity with when we touch even though it was only once. Why am a here drooling over other boys?
Louis was sent to the hospital with a cracked skull, that much I knew. Max had hit him pretty hard with the chair, If he liked Louis so much. Why didn't he hit me? Not Louis?

Author's Note: Just letting you know that Max is Max from the wanted. Hope you are enjoying the story. Love ya all Xx

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