You and I

*Louis and Harry fan fiction*
Louis lives in Doncaster and like any other boy believes he is normal, but when the new kid marcel comes around Louis starts believing he is not so normal. He starts getting feelings for Marcel that he has never felt for a girl before. Will love find it's was or will it get lost in dreams and destinies.


2. School

Louis' POV-
I walk through the school doors to see all of the couples together, making out. Kristin comes up to me and gives me a hug "Hey Lou Lou!" "Hey babe!" I yell, picking her up and spinning her in the air "Where's Lola and the others?" "Oh, they're at the basketball courts! You want to come?" I nod my head "Ok....race you!" she screams and runs away. I slowly drop two paces behind her then 4, god. She's getting faster every time, she stops and turns around "I beat you!" she squeals, I quickly try to double my pace and end up face planting Jace "Oh, shit. Sorry Louis! I guess you can't stay away from my awesome 6 pack!" he says laughing and obviously joking, I wouldn't say he's fat but he isn't skinny either "Hey Tomlinson, you see the new kid? Total dork!" I turn to face Jonah, in the corner of my eye I catch a glimpse of him. The boy from my dreams last night, shit. How could this happen? I watch as he walks alone, I wish I could be there and help him around but I can't have him in my life, I can't make him feel in such a way he'll kill himself. I have to act like I hate him, even though it kills me.


The bell goes, signalling for us to head to homeroom "Mr Tomlinson wait outside please." Mr Morris says flatly. I quickly back out of the classroom and into the hall, there isn't much difference since last year. As I am waiting for Mr Morris I hear a group of footsteps approaching, I quickly look up only to meet eyes with the new kid along with Mr Jones "Ah! Tomlinson, there you are, I would like you to meet Marcel, Marcel this is Louis Tomlinson. Your guide..." Mr Jones says, smirking. Obviously knowing that this kid's going to ruin my reputation and my life. What is it with everyone wanting to ruin my life lately? What have I done wrong? "H-hi, n-nice to meet you..." Marcel says with a small smile, god I hope I still hate this kid before I ruin both of our lives...

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