You and I

*Louis and Harry fan fiction*
Louis lives in Doncaster and like any other boy believes he is normal, but when the new kid marcel comes around Louis starts believing he is not so normal. He starts getting feelings for Marcel that he has never felt for a girl before. Will love find it's was or will it get lost in dreams and destinies.


3. Look after you

Marcel's POV-
I look at the boy who was walking around the hallway. He looks up and Mr Jones talks to him, I only snap out of my thoughts when Mr Jones mentions my name "H-hi, n-nice to meet you..." I try to give him a small smile but I failed, I think he even realised because he just gave me a dirty look and turned away "Can't you find someone else?" I feel my heart drop, the first kid I talk to already doesn't like me. I knew it, no-one likes me... "No Tomlinson, you're best suited for the job..." Mr Jones quickly walks off leaving me facing the boy, just staring at each other awkwardly, even though I would like to spend the whole day staring at him I was kinda getting annoyed with the awkward silence. "H-hey, umm... what's your name?" "Louis" He says flatly. "S-so what do we have first?" "History" he growls this time, setting me into full panic mode "W-why don't you like me? What did I do?" His face softens up "It's not what you have done, it's what you will do..." He emphasises Have and Will, making me confused. "C-can w-we at least try to get along?" He shakes his head, I swear I saw a tear forming at the corner of his eye "We never can, It will only end up with both of us hurt..." "O-ok...." I stutter out, both confused and weirded out. The bell rings, giving us the signal to move to the next class "C'mon Marcel, we need to hurry! Mr Janise (*Pronounced: Jenna- sea*) doesn't like us being late!" We quickly half sprint down the halls, dodging all of the jocks and people that tried to push us away. Or maybe just me, We quickly turn a corner and Louis threw the door open. All of the class eyeing our hands, I notice I had gotten a hold of Louis' hand when we were running through the halls and I quickly let go of his hand, wiping the sweat onto my pants . Some of the dorks giving me wolf whistles, Lucky there were no Jocks in this class. Only dorky girls and boys, like me, but then there's Louis "Ahh! Tomlinson! Glad you could make it and I see you brought the new kid with you...Marcel I suppose?" I quickly nod my head and take a seat next to Louis "Ok class! Today we are starting our study on Shakespeare!" A few groans and cheers were spread throughout the class and Mr Janise eyed all of us individually. "Ok, so does any of you know any background on Shakespeare? perhaps any information on Romeo and Juliet, that is the main topic for this week" A girl who I have learnt her name to be Stephan's hand shoots to fast I wouldn't be surprised if she were able to catch a fly with her tiny fingers "Yes, Miss Smith?" So now I know her names Stephan Smith, god. I'll know the whole class by the end of the lesson

Louis' Pov-
"Yes, Miss Smith?" Ms Janise asks Stephan "Shakespeare wrote the play 'Romeo and Juliet' to say that they didn't believe in what they thought was right in their time. It also had something to do with him being gay?" She asked, almost a question "Well, that can be both proven and denied. But in my eyes Shakespeare was in fact unhappily married to his wife and that was his inspiration for his play. Allot of people believe this, now others do not wish to believe in people being gay. As I understand some of your parents do not wish this subject to be talked about, but we still do..." I think to myself when I had heard that Shakespeare could be gay, it immediately comes back to me. I quickly raise my hand, not waiting to be called upon "Hey Sir, I remember something..." "Mr Tomlinson, what is it you wish to share?" "Did you know..." suddenly I feel the room spinning and black dots form in my vision "Quick! Call the nurse!" I hear Mr Janice call, Just before I hit the ground I feet two arms wrap themselves around me, breaking my fall "L-Louis! Stay awake! I know it's hard, just stay awake!" I look up, my vision to blurry to make out any faces "Louis!" I hear them scream again "Look into my eyes!" I try to focus on their eyes. My vision becoming more clear, I focus on the green orbs that hover above me. I rely on my eyes to stay in the one place, but they felt so heavy. What's so wrong with me closing them? Nothing.

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