You and I

*Louis and Harry fan fiction*
Louis lives in Doncaster and like any other boy believes he is normal, but when the new kid marcel comes around Louis starts believing he is not so normal. He starts getting feelings for Marcel that he has never felt for a girl before. Will love find it's was or will it get lost in dreams and destinies.


1. Before

Louis' POV-

The rain pours down, drenching our hair and making our clothes stick to each other. I laugh, grabbing his hand and dragging him to the small shelter I saw near the old bakery. Where we had our first kiss and where everything to do with him happened.


"Louis we can't be together!" "Why ever not!" "Because, m-my mum. T-them" he looks up at me, his green eyes peeking from behind his glasses, drenched hair poking from under the lenses  "Marcel I don't care! I love you!" "B-But the things they say..." "I don't care what they say, as long as we are happy!" "I wish it could be just us, I wish the would would understand...but they don't....and I don't love you..." "Marcel, I know you are just saying this to make me leave. It's not going to happen, we are going to stick together, I don't care ok! We are different from other people, some people don't understand us, but that doesn't mean we just get up and go and forget about our true feelings!" "True feelings are a lie..." "What do you mean Marcel?" "You are going to forget about me one day and find another person who you love and It's not going to be me!" he cried. He took a step towards me "You don't understand me Louis, I don't understand myself either..." he leans up. His lips coming into contact with mine, the kiss becoming passionate soon I notice he's topless and his shirt is in my hand, Marcel pulls away and pecks my lips again, then backing away he looks at me dead in the eye "Goodbye Louis, I love you..." As he takes another step backwards I realise what he's doing, I quickly try to grab him "N-no, don't Marcel!" He looks at me, I can see a tear leave his eye as he mouths "goodbye" and jumps into the oncoming traffic.


I wake up panting, what the hell? Who was Marcel, what was happening. I'm not gay! It was only a dream Louis, it was only a dream. Marcel isn't real, it was all a stupid dream.

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