The Secret

Can secrets always be kept?
How long will the secret last before it ruins friendships?
By penguin and Clifford and Melissalovespenguins
The story is crappy at the start.... it gets better.... I promise.


12. Chapter Twelve (Dechael)

Michael's P.O.V

"you can go home, but you need to rest, so no touring for a month or so" the doctor said, it broke my heart, i selfishly nearly killed myself and it is now effecting the bands career.

"thank you doctor" i replied, i guess ill text Demi and ask he to come pick me up.

To: Mrs Clifford <3

Hey, can you come and pick me up? the doctor said  can come home but i need to rest! <3

From: Mrs Clifford <3

oh my god, Michael that's great news! you get to come home! i'll see you soon xx <3

To: Mrs Clifford

Thank you xx


~ At Home (scar and Demi's place)

i walk through the door, into a cold and silent house.

"where is everyone?" i ask Demi

"they are out doing stuff for a couple hours" she replied

"okay" i said, finally...we get to spend time together... Harry picked me up... but dropped me and Demi off at her house... he needed to catch up with their sister, Gemma.

Gemma and Harry arent as close as Demi and Harry.... they just always seem to get along more then Gemma did... Demi and Gemma aren't speaking to eachother, they havent been since they were little kids.

~later that night~

Michael's  P.O.V

"so when are they coming home?" i asked

"well.. Harry is staying with Gemma tonight...Calum and Ashton are going to be at the strip club with Niall.... and that will take a couple of hours and Luke is hanging out with the boys at their hotel room... and Scar is out on a double date with Court and their boyfriends." she replied

"okay.... wait what are Calum and Ashton doing at a strip club?!" 
"they are trying to get Niall a girlfriend... But he doesn't seem interested lately." she replied, as we just sat there in silence..."maybe we should watch a movie or something" i said breaking the silence... or maybe i should sing the new song that Luke and i wrote for the girls?... Ill text Cal and ask.
M:Hey, Cal.... what are you guys up to?

C: umm... i'm at the strip club... haha

M: i am home alone with Demi tonight and i wanted your opinion on something...

C: yes... i think you should... there is a box of condoms in the bathroom... i left them there....

M: Wait... What...NO! not that... i wanted to know if i should sing the song to her! thats all.... not if i should have sex  with her!

C: oh... haha... well you should sing her the song.... and now you know where the condoms are for after the song ;) if she likes it! haha ;)

M: -_- alright Calum... thank you... byeee.

Demi's P.O.V

Michael hasnt been talking... he seems like he still might hate for what i wasnt all my fault either.

"maybe we should watch a movie" micahel asked... i just nodded and walked over to the bookshelf full of movies.... i picked a comedy and a horror... i look over at him... he is on his phone..  what is with these boys and always being on their phones.

"I'm going to get dressed and can you get the chocolate and popcorn?" i asked

"anything for you" he replied

i ran upstairs... i put on a pair of Michaels boxers and his nirvana top... i take off my makeup and put my hair in a bun. Yes his stuff is in my room... he will be staying in my room tonight i run back down stairs with blankets and a couple pillows, i place them nicley on the couch and sit down... i look over next to the tv and notice a guitar, it wasnt sitting there before.

i get up and grab it. "Michael!" i scream walking into the kitchen...

"yea-.. whoa...are they my clothes?"
"yes.. is that okay?"

"umm- y-yes" he said stuttering, it is cute

You look so perfect standing there in my american apparel underwear and i know now that i'm so down....

 Michael finished his song.... It was so sweet, i felt a tear stream down my face, he loved me, he loved me enough to write a song for me...

"Luke and i wrote this song for you girls, did you like it?" He asked me

"Uh-uh" i stuttered... Words wouldn't come out of my mouth, i didn't think, i just grabbed his shirt, i pulled him closer and.... Kissed him.... He kissed me back.

I was ready, tonight was the night... I wanted him to be my first... I might not have been his, but i didn't care... I pushed him back so he was lying down and i was sitting on his stomach, leaning down and kissing him, he broke the kiss and said "are you sure?"

"I have never been more sure in my life" i replied.... He picked me up bridal style and took me to my bedroom, he placed me on the bed and then ran out of the room.... He came back about 2 minutes later and thats when everything changed....


no details.... Its not 50 shades of grey... Haha... I hope you like the book so far.

And Suke will be in the next chapter

(Suke) for people who don't know is scar and luke... Haha


-shann xx

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