The Secret

Can secrets always be kept?
How long will the secret last before it ruins friendships?
By penguin and Clifford and Melissalovespenguins
The story is crappy at the start.... it gets better.... I promise.


3. Chapter Three

(At studio)

Michael's P.O.V

We were supposed to be recording gotta get out but we got a little distracted again.

"Niall texted me, the boys will be here soon" Ashton informed us

"Okay " I said, I was a little down, because I invited Scar to come and hang out but she said she had plans with her room mate, that was fine but I wanted some brother sister time before I have to go again.

I take out my phone from my pocket and see that scar texted saying

Scar: hey, sorry I can't

I really miss her and court when I'm touring. I miss scar the most tho, her and I are really close unlike me and Courtney. I haven't seen court for months as she moved to Melbourne with one of her and scars best friends Jayden. I was pulled out of the thought of my sisters. Due to luke throwing a soccer ball at my head. Don't ask why we have a soccer ball in the studio.

"The boys are here!" Luke yelled at me.

"Who is that's hot chick with them?" I asked ash

"I don't know man, ask Harry" he said.

The boys all came in and said hi, Harry came and sat next to me and the mystery girl walked over with Louis and got introduced to Ashton and Calum.

"Harry, who's that hot chick with Louis?" I asked

"Dude that's my fucking sister, you idiot! The one that found Luke's phone" Harry told me.

Niall's P.O.V

"Hey, is it alright if my friend and her sister come hang for a bit?" I asked everyone.

I zoned out after everyone had said yes, and continued to text Scar, she has been at the airport waiting for her sister for the past hour. Just as I locked my phone, Scar messaged me again

(Conversation s= Scar n= Niall)

S: hey we are on our way, see you soon x

N: coolies, can't wait to meet your sister x

S: she can't wait to meet you either.

20 minuets later

S: we are here,come meet me outside xx

N: okay,I'll be out in a sec. X

"HEY I'LL BE BACK IN A SEC" I shouted to everybody.

I walked outside and saw scar her sister and two guys walking towards me.

"Hey I'm Niall, nice to meet you" I said

"Hey I'm Courtney, Scarlet's sister, this is my boyfriend Taylor and my best friend Jayden." She replied.

"So, can we see the boys?" Scar asked

Scars P.O.V

"Yeah, let's go inside" Niall said.

" okay everyone needs to be quiet". I said, this is going to be the best surprise for Michael he won't expect a thing, he doesn't know how close me and Niall are.

Michael is going to be so happy when he see's court, but I'm scared what he's going to say when she tells him about Taylor.

Niall opened the door and I saw Demi, oh shit she noticed me.

"Sup bitch, did you lock the door this morning?" Demi yelled at me

"Yeah I did..." I replied

"HOW DO YOU KNOW HARRY'S SISTER?" Michael yelled at me.

"Umm I live with her!"


"She's my...." He was interrupted


"Courtney's here too??" Michael yelled at me.

"What up brother!" Court asked Michael.

Oh fuck now Demi's going to ask questions, my life is ruined!


"Umm.. I need some air" I said tears running down my face as I ran out the door.

I hear the door open behind me, I am preparing for the massive fight between me and Demi,

"Look I can't explain it right now, I can....." I turn around and before I could finish my sentence I see....

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