The Secret

Can secrets always be kept?
How long will the secret last before it ruins friendships?
By penguin and Clifford and Melissalovespenguins
The story is crappy at the start.... it gets better.... I promise.


13. Chapter Thirteen (Suke)

Scar's P.O.V


We stumble in the door, trying to be quiet and i look around, i see dishes, a movie that wasn't watched and silence, usually Demi is up at this time, where is she?

"where is Mikey, i thought he came home" Court said, that's when i heard a bang up stairs, we were all suddenly silent.

"ah... shit!" i heard someone say from upstairs.... i quickly ran upstairs to see what it was... then i see demi... she was naked but wrapped in a sheet!

"oh god... demi... sorry i thought you were a robber or something, where is my brother?"

"uhhh... he" she was cut off by my brother walking out in just his boxers.

"umm... okay.. well i'm going to bed.. g-goodnight" i said a i rushed down stairs and grabbed my sister and the boys and ran quickly into my room.

~ early morning~

beep beep

i get woken by my phone going off... its a text, from Luke....

From:Sexy Motherfucker ;)

Hey, i would like to talk to you... if you get the chance?

to: Sexy Motherfucker ;)

Um, sure... what about?

From: Sexy Motherfucker ;)

come down stairs please!

Grr... its too early!... i get up and walk past my mirror... i look like hell... my make up is smudged... my hair is crazy and my head hurts. i don't think drinking was such a good idea!

i fixed my hair and washed the make up off, i walked down stairs and i went staight into the kitchen to get an asprin.

"scar!..." he shouted
"keep it down, my head hurts" i snapped, i dont know what got into me.

"okay,okay... i'm sorry" he said putting his hands up in defence.

"thank you" i said and then i hugged him... i havent seen him in a while, its good to see him.


Luke's P.O.V

i texted her after 6 weeks of not seeing or speaking to her, it killed me, i just had to see her… and explain, I want her to be my girlfriend and her new boyfriend won’t stop me!

“are you okay” she looked like she was going to be sick and she looked very tired.

“yeah… i-I’m fine, what did you want to talk to me about” she questioned me, I had no idea what I was going to talk about, I just needed to see her, speak to her, hear her voice, it has been 6 weeks since Mikey was admitted into hospital. She stopped talking to us and was always upset, until she met Ross, she was happier, but she was still distant… it’s my entire fault, I didn’t do anything after I kissed her in front of all our fans. I don’t know why I didn’t ask her to be my girlfriend then.

“um, I wanted to ask you about, Ross, how is he… how are you guys?” I asked, I regret asking that, I’m so stupid!

“ummm….we are okay, not the best actually… he doesn’t like to hang out with me and my friends.” She says, what the actual fuck is wrong with him, he is such a douche.

“oh, that’s rude of him, he sounds like an asshole, sorry that was mean.”

“nah, its fine.. he is “

“Then why are you with him?” I questioned her, regretting my question as soon as I asked it.

“do you want the truth?” she asked me, I’m scared of what she Is going to say

“Y-yes” I said stuttering and scratching the back of my head. She leans closer and says “it was because… you didn’t ask me to be your girlfriend and I thought you didn’t love me…” as she said this, It hit me, she still likes me.

“I do, I still love you” I leaned closer our noses touching…. I hesitated and then….. she kissed me, I was shocked, I didn’t know what to do… so I kissed back.

It got heated, the kisses where full of passion… I lifted her up and we went to the guest bedroom... I placed her down on the bed and sat on top of her, kissing up and down her neck… she flipped me over, so she was on top of me, she took my shirt off and I helped her with hers, I unclasped her bra…. That’s when there was a knock at the bedroom door.

“Fuck!” I whisper shouted, I put my shirt on and Scar ran to the closet, I open the door and there was Ross standing there, “can I help you?” I asked

“ah, yeah, I was wondering if scar was here”? he asked… trying to look In the room.

“um, no she isn’t” I said closing the door, Scar came out of the closet with a condom… “haha, apple flavoured?” she said with a smirk…

“oh, they are Calum’s , he gave me one,  just in case I ever needed it”

“that's good that he left it then” she said biting her lip

"and why is that?' I questioned

"because you are going to use it now!" she said pushing me on to the bed, this is going to be the best night ever.

~ The next morning~

I woke up to scar in my arms, the way it should be. The thing Is.... we had sex and her boyfriend is in the next room. I have no Idea how she is going to tell him.... how are we going to explain it to Michael...... he is going to kill us.

she was still asleep, it was so cute.... she looks so peaceful, it was 9am.... knowing her, she wont be up for another hour, I slowly got up and walked out of the room, I noticed that Michael was awake too, this morning conversation is going to be very interesting, Harry is there.... he might be able to calm him down when I tell him.....



haha..... I wonder how Luke is going to tell Michael that he had sex with Scar....
if you are enjoying the book, then like it.

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thank you -Shann x


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