The Secret

Can secrets always be kept?
How long will the secret last before it ruins friendships?
By penguin and Clifford and Melissalovespenguins
The story is crappy at the start.... it gets better.... I promise.


14. Chapter Fourteen

Michael's P.O.V

I was sitting down at a table with Harry, with the thought of Demi and I finally having sex still in my mind, how am I going to tell Harry, that I Michael Clifford an 18 year old slept with his baby sister Demi Styles a 16 turning 17 year old...he is going to kill me and I might never be able to see her again... but i don't care! i love her, Harry will understand, wont he?


Demi's P.O.V

I wake up and check the time...... shit! its only 10am on the.... 5th of April, lets hope no one notices its my birthday I get up, throw a bra on and steal Michael's guns and roses shirt, i put on a pair of my shorts and walk down stairs.

I hear Harry talking but I couldn't see where he was, I see Michael sitting at the table and without a care in the world, without taking any notice of who was around, I kiss him and say good morning through the kiss. "um" I hear someone say and I turn my head and see Harry and Ashton staring at me... "uh, good morning guys" I said awkwardly smiling and walking to the fridge.

"oh yeah, Demi.....Hap" Harry tried saying, I put my hand over his mouth and whispered in his ear, "shut up, I don't want Michael or anyone to know" and walked away.

"Ashton, where is the milk" I said turning around, "wait was he about to say it was your..." he was going to finish, but i tackled him to the ground. "Well i like where this is going" he said and winked at me...... "Shut your mouth, before i shut it for you" i said with my hand over his mouth, i got up and headed towards my room, i passed Scar.

"Scar, hey....... What were you doing in the spare room?"

"Uh.... Nothing, i have to go now" she said and ran to her room. I looked over at the spare room door, the light was still on, i walked over to turn it off when, Luke appeared coming out of the room holding his clothes and some girls underwear.

"Oh, uh.... Hi Demi" Luke said as he sped his walk up and walked into the bathroom. Oh fuck, they didn't, did they? I walked into my room and sat on my bed.... I put my music on and relaxed..... I sung to princess by Short Stack, I've loved this band for so long..... They were my world, until they broke up.

My door flung open and Scar ran in and sat on my bed,"HAPPY MOTHER FUCKING BIRTHDAY BITCH!" she screamed. "shhhhh, i don't want people knowing!" i said.

"oops, i told Michael last night, i hope that was okay" she said slowly moving back
"yeah i guess." i replied "Did you hear the amazing news on twitter today?" she asked

"no, what news" i asked not caring really "some band got back together..... SHORT STACK GOT BACK TOGETHER!"she screamed , she knew how important they were to me. 
I didn't say anything i just screamed and cried, that's when Michael ran up from downstairs and came in and hugged me. "what happened, are you okay?" he asked

"she is fine, she just got some good news about one of her favourite bands" Scar said

"wait, who?" he questioned me "Short Stack"i said wiping my tears

"oh...." is all Michael said. Ashton walked in laughing, "what?" i said

"Haha really Short Stack?" Ashton said, this boy will die if he says anything bad about them.

"yes Short Stack, Have YOU GOT A PROBLEM BUDDY?"

"n-no, i just don't like Shaun" Ashton said, i could kill him! i have had a crush on Shaun since they were on youtube, this boy doesn't value his life then.
"um, Ash, she is seriously going to stab you or something, she is in love with Shaun" i heard Scar said.

"in love?" Michael said looking at the ground "guys can you leave i want to talk to Michael" i said as everyone groaned and left.

"Babe whats wrong?"

"you're in love with someone named Shaun?"

"he is the lead singer of the band and i liked him before i knew you existed"

"yeah because that makes me feel any better"

"it was a crush, he means really nothing to me any more, you mean everything!" I said leaning into kiss him.... He pulled away.

"Really?!" I yelled at him

"What the fuck..... Fine then, if you are going to be like that, I'll leave" i stormed out of my room.... I started to cry, i saw harry and the boys except Ashton in the kitchen and Scar and Court in the lounge, i headed straight for Ashton's room.... I sat on his bed and put my head in my hands.

"Uh, Hello" he said as he quickly turned his computer off and sat next to me.... "Are you okay?" He said placing his hand on my back.

I didn't respond, he got off the bed and kneeled down in front of me

He pushed my hands away from my face and whipped my tears away.... "I hate to see you cry, what is wrong?" He said sweetly

"M-Michael, he is mad at me for having a little crush on a band member" i explained.

"He might be jealous that's all, i bet you, you will kiss and make up"

"I-I Don't think it will work this time" i said and i started to cry again, i broke down at the thought we might end our relationship.... I fell off the bed and ended up in Ashton's arms.

"please, don't cry..... you're too pretty to cry" he said as he kissed my forehead, he lifted me up bridal style and placed me on his bed, he pulled the covers over me and went back to his computer, that's the last thing i remember my vision faded as i drifted off to sleep.


Ashton's P.O.V

I left her to sleep in my room, she was badly hurt. I didn't know what else to do, I needed to talk to Michael.... i rushed out of the room and found Michael still in Demi's room.

"What the fuck is going on?" i said, he looked up at me with tears down his face then he looked away, he didn't say anything. i started to get extremely angry.
"You have her in tears over a little fucking Jealousy thing, Get the FUCK OVER IT" i screamed, i have had enough with him hurting her.

"why do you care so much?" he asked me a question i didn't know the answer to, why did i care so much.

"why are you so jealous"

"you know know what he is like with girls, what if 5SOS and Short Stack do a tour together and Demi comes with me, i'm scared she will leave me for an old crush"

"what are the odds she will date her favourite member of a band anyway?" i said and i slapped myself when i said that, "i-i was her favourite member of this band and she dated me!"

"I didn't mean that, I'm sorry Mikey, you have to get over this jealousy thing, she loves YOU.... Don't be a dick about this" i ranted on

"I try and try to be a good boyfriend and yet it doesn't seem good enough" he said and started to cry more.... I knew he is a good boyfriend to her.....except the fighting all the time.

"Be a good boyfriend and apologise to her and yes, Shaun is a douche but you have that amazing girl, s-she is y-yours" i stuttered.... Why did i stutter, i left before he said anything and went back to my room, "D-Demi" i said walking over to the bed


"Are you okay... Is there anything you need"

"Uh... Can you come and cuddle me, i know that sounds weird.... But it will make me feel b-better"

"No.... Thats fine" i said and took my shoes off, i closed the door and hopped into the small king single bed, i put my arm around her, she was shaking. "T-thank y-you, for everything" she said turning to face me. "You're welcome" i said and kissed her head, she feel asleep in my arms and i soon followed.

"Ashton, wake up" she whispered in my ear.... i didn't want to move or open my eyes, i just stayed in the same position

"please, wake up" she said touching my ears, i couldn't help but burst into laughter.


"I'm hungry" she said pouting

"okay, okay ill make you food" we both walked out of my room with messy hair i turned to fix her hair, i turned and she looked scared, i turned back around to see Michael, angry with watery eyes.

"what the fuck?" he said

"she just slept in my room for a while thats all  i-i swear" i replied and he turned away with tears running down his eyes. great, i might have just lost a friend.

 "That's it, Demi..... We are through" he said walking away, I turned and saw the hurt in Demi's eyes, she didn't flinch or cry she just stood there.

She finally walked away and locked herself in the bathroom, I was afraid of what she might do to herself.

"Demi, open the door" I said knocking on the door, there was no answer, I panicked and ran down stairs and got Harry.

Michael's P.O.V

"Demi we are through" I said and walked away, what did I just do, I thought to myself, I walked into my room and sat on my bed, why did I break up with her.

I looked over at the photos of her I had beside my bed, I started to cry, the hurt made me want to start cutting again, but I promised her I wouldn't, this was my fault..... I fucked it up again.

I cleaned myself up and walked downstairs, "can I borrow the car?" I asked

"Yeah, sure but bring it back soon, I am going out later" Harry said, I nodded and walked outside, I kept a brave face as a drove to the nearest liquor store, I hadn't had a drink in a while, I bought a bottle of Jack and a bottle of Jim Beam, I got back into the car, I thought about taking the car back and then walking to the nearest park..... But I decided I would go to the beach.

The drive was quite beautiful, I hated it.

I arrived at the beach and sat by the water, I took a sip and another and another, the next thing I know, the whole two bottles were gone.

ring ring

M- "hello?"

H-"Hey mate, when are you coming home with the car?"

M-"w-what are you talking about" I said slurring my words

H-"oh for fuck sake, are you drunk"

M-"m-m-maybe a little"

H-"where are you?"

M-"s-s-some beach, near Harry's fish shop, hey Harry you didn't tell me you owned a fish shop"

H-"alright mate I'll come and get you"

Call ended

Harry's P.O.V

"Harry, where is Harry!" I heard someone scream

"What, what's wrong, make it quick I have to go pick someone up" I replied, it was Ashton

"I-it's Demi..... She has locked herself in the bathroom and has been there for about half an hour"

"And, she is just doing her make up or something"

"No, no... You don't understand, they broke up" my eyes widened, I knew this is what would push her over the edge

"Shit!" I said running upstairs.

"Demi..... Open the door, please" I screamed, there was no answer

"Okay what exactly happened" I asked Ashton.

As Ashton explained I was furious at Michael.... How could he do that....

"And then i let Demi sleep in my room, because she was upset and we walked out to get food together and Michael saw us and freaked out and that's what happened" he said, wait did he just say she slept in his room!

"Wait what, she slept in your room, on your bed?!"

"I slept on the floor" Ashton said in defence, I guess that was okay.

"Um..... What the fuck?!" Ashton said


"check Michael's twitter" he said, I grabbed my phone and checked what Michael had said.

@Micahael5SOS: I fucked it up again, I knew that if we slept together, something like this would happen! :(

"They WHAT?!" I screamed

"Is he drunk or high?!" Ashton said

"Drunk! But what the fuck?! This kid is dead!" I said as I stormed out of the house and grabbed a cab to the beach, I got out of the cab and saw Michael sitting in the sand, I ran up to him and tackled him to the ground and punched him in the face.

"What the fuck?!" He moaned

"That is for sleeping with my sister" I said punching him again

"And that is for breaking her heart" I punched him one more time, just a bit harder then the last

"And that's for being a dick" I got off him, I realised what I had done, there was no going back.

"Get in the mother-fucking car and I'll drive you home!" I said and picked him up off of the floor.

The next morning

"Oh for fuck sake!" I heard someone yell followed by some vomit.

"Who was that?" Ashton said

"Michael, he is pretty....umm... Sick" I said with a chuckle as Michael walked down stairs

"What the fuck happened to you?" Ashton said touching his face

"W-what do you mean?" Michael said getting up and running to the bathroom

"What did you do?" Ashton asked me

"Nearly knocked that little prick out for fucking my sister and then breaking up with her on her birthday" I said with rage

"H-Harry?" I heard a voice say behind me, she sounded so hurt.

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