The Secret

Can secrets always be kept?
How long will the secret last before it ruins friendships?
By penguin and Clifford and Melissalovespenguins
The story is crappy at the start.... it gets better.... I promise.


15. Chapter Fifteen

Demi's P.O.V

This will be the first time in a while that I will be exiting the comfort of my bedroom, I haven't eaten in a while and I was starting to get hungry, I didn't want to eat, this whole situation has me locked away like a prisoner, a prisoner in my own home. I walked down stairs towards the kitchen hoping no one was there, I slowly walked to the small hallway, quickly hid in a state of panic at the sound of footsteps, it was Michael, his face was all bloody and bruised, I just wanted to be there for him and see what happened, then I realized, he broke up with me..... on my birthday, after I lost my virginity to him.

"H-harry"? I said with a lump in my throat. "Demi?, oh my god, hey....... how are you?" he asked as if nothing happened "how do you think I am, my boyfriend broke up with me on my birthday" I spat at him with tears streaming down my face.

"I-I'm, sorry" he said and walked away, leaving me and Ashton alone.

"D-demi, i'm so sorry..... I never wanted anything like this to happen" he said giving me a hug

"how is any of this your fault?" I questioned him

"I-I just feel so..... responsible for the whole thing, if there is anything I ca-" he was cut off by my lips pressing against his, I had no idea what I was doing, he pushed me away and looked at me.

"w-what are you doing?" he said, what the fuck was I doing, I missed Michael so much, my head is so fucked up.

"I-I'm so sorry, I have no idea what I was doing, I-" he kissed me back, the kiss lasted a while until Ashton was thrown across the room.

"what the fuck?" Ashton said looking up at a very angry Michael.

"MICHAEL STOP!" I screamed, he has never seen me this angry, he looked scared

"YOU DON'T GET TO ACT THIS WAY, YOU ARE THE ONE who broke up with me! needless to say on my birthday and after I lost my virginity to you" I saw the look in his eyes that I never wanted to see, a heart broken Michael, he left and locked himself in his room and I did the same.

Michael's P.O.V

What is going on? I feel so jealous...... She is right! I broke up with her, why? Why did i over react....... This is the now jealous i have ever been! Now i have lost her forever, i need to leave, I'm going to stay with my mum.

I packed my things, i didn't say goodbye, i just left a note on her door and walked out, that was the end of that, well so i thought.

i wish i could wake up with amnesia

i sang to myself over and over again..... trying to make the memories fade, it wasn't working, the memories kept coming back and they hit me harder and harder each time.

I finally got to my mums house.... The 1 hour bus ride was horrible, between the crying babies and the drunken old people vomiting everywhere.

I was terrified of what my mum was going to think as I approached the door, I knocked on it and took a deep breath in...

'I'll get it' I heard a young girls voice say

'GRANNY' the little girl screamed as she looked at me through the window

Granny? was I at the wrong house? did she move?

I was scared I had made a mistake on where I used to live and slowly turned away, as I was walking away the door opened "Michael?" my mum said

"yeah mum, it's me"

"What the hell are you doing here, I told you to never come back"

"I-I know b-but something has happened" that's when the thought of why I was here came back and I broke down crying, I sat on the concrete sobbing.

"why are you crying?" the little girl said holding my hand

"come inside and tell me what happened" she said grabbing my bag, leading me to my old bedroom.

"I have done something bad mother" I said with tears streaming down my face

"what have you done now Michael?"

as I explained what happened for me to come here she didn't say much, she just hugged me and said everything would be okay, something she hasn't done since I was 16.

"who is the girl mum?" I said as she was about to leave the room

" my adopted daughter..." she said with hurt in her eyes

"why did she call you granny before?" i asked, her adopted daughter? thanks mum.

"she likes to call me that, um Michael..... does the name Demi, mean anything to you?" she asked, i started to cry harder, how did she know that name? i only told her that 'this girl and i' i never used her name.

"h-how d-do y-you know that n-name" i said continuing to cry

"she called me, i think you should call her" that's all she said before she left

*ring ring*

"come on pick up" i said into the phone

"hello?" the voice on the other side said.


Demi's P.O.V  *3 days earlier*

(texting Ashton)

A- 'Are you kidding me?'

D- 'Nope, I'm sure'

A- 'Are you 100% sure?'

D- '100%'

A- 'ill be there soon, stay strong xx'

that was the last thing he said before walking through the door, he ran to me and hugged me tight.

"do you know how long" he asked

"4 weeks" i replied

"do you know what you are going to do?"

"how am i meant to know?" i replied

"sorry, have you told Michael yet?" he asked

"nope, how am i meant to tell Harry that his baby sister, who is sleeping with a 18 turning 19 year old is now carrying his that 18 year olds child and i don't even know if Michael will want me to keep it" i said with tears streaming down my face

"have you got someone to talk to like your mum or something?"

"no, i don't really speak to my parents"

"okay you need to speak to someone" he said handing me a number.....Karen.

(phone call)

D- "hi i-is this Karen?"

K- "yes it is, who am i speaking to?"

D- "m-my name is Demi, I was given your number to talk to you about your son"

K- "what has my son done now, what station do i need to go to?"

D- "oh, no..... I'm his girlfriend, i have some news"

K- "oh, that's great! he found a girl... what is it sweetie"

D-"I-I'm sorry to bother you with this, but i thought i could speak to you because i don't have anyone else to speak to" i paused for a moment

K- "sweetie whats wrong"

D- "I'm pregnant"

K- "What?! are you telling me the truth, h-how old are you?"

D- "si-eighteen" i lied

K- "oh phew, well that's so its defiantly my sons baby?"

D- "yes, it was a mistake and he doesn't know yet, thank you for listening"

K- "that's okay sweetie, you can talk to me anytime, bye"

D- "bye"

(3 days later)

Michael's P.O.V


"oh, thank god, Demi...."


"you called my mum?"

"uh, yeah I did, I um, did she tell you why?"

"uh, no..... why what's wrong?"

"I-I need you to come home, I need to tell you something, it needs t-to be In person"

"are you sure you want me home?"

"Yes and when i tell you whats wrong remember I love you, bye"

"I L...." is all I could say before she hung up, I walked into the kitchen to talk to my mum

"c-can you drive me home?" I asked, already knowing she will say no.

"Michael, I don't think I can, where is it?"

"its only an hour drive and you and Lucy can stay the night" I explained, I was hoping it would be a yes.

"you'll have to ask her"



"would you like to come on a roadtrip with your big brother and you mummy?"


"okay so?"

"alright" she said as they packed up the car and we drove, I let Lucy sit in the front while I finished the song (yes, I know it was truly written by the Madden Brothers)

like the way it felt to sleep next to you and the memories I never can escape,

Cause I'm not fine at all,

no, I'm really not fine at all

Tell me this is just a dream

Cause I'm really not fine at all.

we finally arrived and all piled out of the car, I was so nervous about what she had to tell me.

"Honey, this is where you and her live?"

"yes with Scar Court, Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis, Zayn, Ashton, Luke, Cal and Jayden"

"Wait you live with 3 girls and 9 other boys, how many rooms?"

"yes and 5, sort of, 2 studies we changed into rooms"

"Wait you live with one direction!" Lucy screamed in excitement

"haha yes, you'll get to meet them soon" as we approached the door I heard someone screaming "Are you fucking kidding me, you cant be, you're too young" I burst through the door "I'm home"

"and you can just go get f-" Harry was about to say until he saw Lucy, "fudge for me and Demi" he finished

"hello Harry, this is Lucy and my mum Karen"

"Hello Mrs Clifford and hi Lucy" he said
"h-hi H-Harry" she said in excitement,

"Michael, can I speak to you alone?" Demi asked with tears in her eyes leading me upstairs, we got to her bedroom door in silence, before she could open it, Ashton came out of the bathroom next to her room... "oh uh, hi Michael" he said and left, she sat on the bed and I sat next to her.

"Michael, what I'm about to tell you, I'm afraid you might...... what I'm trying to say is, Michael I love you and only you and I'm afraid you wont love me when I tell you this" she said crying

"ill love you no matter what" I said, what is she saying? did she fuck Ashton?

"I-I'm so sorry" she said and hugged me.

"whats wrong" I said as she gave me something in a plastic bag

"I'm pregnant" she said moving back a little, what the actual fuck

"you're you're pregnant, how...... was it Ashton.... I'm going to kill him, it should be my baby not his!" if It was Ashton's, he isn't going to live to see this baby

"you really want it to be yours?" she asked me

"it isn't is it?"

"it is, its yours, Michael its our baby"


"i'm sorry, you can leave me or whatever, but i'm keeping the baby"

"I love you and I'm going to love our baby" I said and I kissed her

"Harry knows, so does your mum" she said

"baby, i think you should move in with us, just until you go back on tour" she said

"i would love to move in with you"

"i'm so sorry for everything i said and did-" i said, i was cut off by her lips crashing against mine, she sat on my lap, my hands run up and down her body.

"i missed this" she said 

"me too" 
















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