Nialls Child 2

Read and find out


1. Me

Scars. After Scar After Scar After Scar. I cant stop. At all. If Niall see's ill die. If Stacey see's ill die. Shes five now and she wont be able to understand. Niall would surely die inside and i cant do that to him. But I can't take the hate anymore. Im 24 , barely. And Niall is BOOMING at the top of the charts right now. Many things have changed. MANY. Stacey and Lux were devastated when Zayn and Perrie split. He's been seeing this girl named Anais, and liam? Single as a pringle. I've just been sitting in the bathroom watching the blade slip pass as a droplet of blood of blood slips out I start silently sobbing and suddenly I heard , "Babe? You crying in there?" "No" I try to say without sounding like I was but my voice failed me. "Let me in!" "Hold on" I cleared the history on my phone that held all the hate on one single app. Twitter. As I wiped the blood off my arm covered my arms and unlocked the doors and quickly placed the toilet paper that held the blood and said "Its that time of the month again..." he obviouslly didnt believe me because he rolled his eyes , "You said that last week. I may be a man but im not stupid I know some things about women" i had no way out of this. :( When all of a sudden he pulled up my sleeves and looked in horror. "What the fuck is this?" "Im so sorry ..." and more tears slip past my face when all of a sudden i heard a knock at the door. "Mommy? Daddy?" "Be right there sweetie" niall said trying to sound as if nothing was wrong. "Why?" "Niall the hate. They're vicious. They hate me. They say the worst things to you like 'You and Niall look HORRIBLE TOGETHER' 'EW look its slutty mahgee' I dont know what to do anymore ive asked for them to stop but they just go at it like i did something. What did i do?" Niall looked at me with no expression at all. But i could see the sadness , shock , and horror in his eyes. "Babe please just stop. Promise me this is your last one?" "Promise" i secretly had my fingers crossed. He walked out and got stacey ready for school as he left to drop of stacey I sat in my room reading more hate and cried. Cried and cried and cried and cried. I look on instagram and see all the comments telling me to ignore the hate but i just cant seem to. I like a few pictures comment 'Thanks sweetie' om most and take a short nap.

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