High School

Michelle has just started high school and is feeling confident in standing her ground, until she meets a boy...


3. Day One- PE

After the dreadyful math class I hate because my teacher is the most boring thing you'll ever meet in your entire life, I remember I'll see Richy in PE. And I begin to smile self conciously. I walk with my friend Katie who has English next to the locker rooms. She tells me about how she has so many "hot" guys in her classes, I am a little shocked, last year she didn't even want to talk to any boys and now she is calling them hot. SHOCKING. Anything Katie is a little taller then me, and has long brown curly hair with freckles coving her from head to toe. She has gorgeous bright green eyes that I envy because I only have big blue eyes. 

We separate and I drop all my crap on the floor and bend down to open my locker. 

"HEYYYYYYYY GIRLLLLLL" I hear one of my other friends, Maxine, who I haven't seen in years. 

I jump up and give her a huge hug! I honestly don't care what everyone else around us thinks because they haven't met me and don't know who I am...yet. 

After Maxine goes to the bathroom, we walk outside and into the gym.. surprisingly only 3 classes. I am used to in middle school having everyone take PE and there being like 7 classes. We all sat on the bleachers while Mrs. Kile tells us about the class this year and how there will be 2 fitness days and the rest are sport days. They want to teach us life lessons on how to stay fit. I don't know if they realize that we aren't going to use this now. 

I am in a deep converstation with some girls on what happened at the senior bench today and how some freshman almost got pumled. Then I look to my left and down on the other side there was Richy with his friends. I hear everyone stop talking. 

"Shelly that boy over there keeps looking at you, and you just realized," Megan said. 

"SERIOUSLY?" I say surprised.

"Ummm yeah, he's been doing it the whole period." She adds onto her exsiting statement. I feel extremely surprised, HIM, A BOY, LOOKING at ME? I don't think all those words exsist together in the same sentence. So, I stop worrying about it and go grab a basketball. 

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