High School

Michelle has just started high school and is feeling confident in standing her ground, until she meets a boy...


1. Day One- Part 1

I wakeup on my first day of high school to the high pitch screaming of my mother and father in the kitchen. It's only 6:30 am and they are already going to kill each other. I quickly get up and go to my draws to grab some jean short shorts and a coral colored tank top to wear. I snach up a long necklace with a sliver flower on it and my brown woven belt. I slide down the hall with my white ankle socks on. I reach the kitchen which is now deserted and grab a bowl, spoon, milk, and fruit loops. My older brother is already at the table munching on a large sevring size bowl of cherios. He's driving me this morning, a senior and varsity football quarterback. 

"Hey Michelle, 20 minutes til I'm leaving, better be ready" he tells me in between bites.

So I gobbled down the rest of my cearal. I run into the bathroom and brush my teeth and my hair. I only reparted it because I knew I'd be meeting knew people today and didn't want them to see a fake me. Since I have long blonde wavy hair, I got blonde eyelashes. I curled those babies and put some clear mascara on. I felt ready.

As I reach the kitchen I grab my backpack and shove a water bottle and lunch inside, soon grabbing my black vans. I almost forget my phone, turning around and running to my room to get it... running outside and hopping into my brothers large ghost flame truck. 


All the windows are down and it feels so nice, the breeze going through my hair and my hair flying into my face. My brother has some random rap song I have never heard in my life on, yet I am still dancing with a huge smile on my face. I love car rides with my brother, they are so calming. He turns a sharp corner into the back parking lot and into his space, the same one he's had since he began driving to school. He stops the car and shuts everything off. 

"If I see you during school with any boys, they will get a talken to..." he warns me.

"Oh fabulous thanks Jake, that makes me feel so much more confident on my first day," I reply sacasticly.

"No problem baby sis," all he says. Then we separate into our different ways. I start walking to the front of the school, where I spot most of my friends from last year. I am not popular I just know people and I guess people know me too. 

"HEY GUYS!!!!!!" I scream running over there, I am just a little (or a lot) loud, compared to most. I receve my share of hi's and hello's. After doing the yearly converse of how was your summer and telling short stories, the bell rings. 

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