Suidicial Girl

Hey guys I am the author of Harry,My addiction <3 and this is my life story and im adding in the One Direction stuff so yea..


5. think about it

Harry.. I am a stupid ugly fat girl no one wants to be with...Think about it.

No you are not your amazing,smart, gorgeuse, and skinny I love you for you-not your looks-he says    Harry I'm sorry but-he looks down,and I lift his chin and kiss him-'Yes' I mumble in between kisses he immediately smiles and kisses back.After a while of kissing we decided it was time for bed so Harry stripped down to just in his boxers and as soon as I was about to go to the bathroom and change,He stopped ,me. 'What?' I ask 'You can change in here,I'll look away.' 'oh um ok?' I was unsure but as soon as he looked away I quickly change into my huge shirt and stay in my underwear. I hopped in bed, when i felt arms being wrapped around me. I turned on my side facing Harry and lightly kissed him on his nose. Once we fell asleep I had one of the worst dreams ever.


Whatchya gonna do about it bitch?-my bully says '

N-nothing-I say

Good,now shut up-he spats

H-HARRY!!!! NOOOOO!!!!!!!!-I scream

I run to his injured body and,no pulse,.


I told you, you're mine and no one will change that!-he spat I threw a punch at my bully to the temple,knocking him out

HARRY!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!-----I was shouting in my sleep again...

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