Suidicial Girl

Hey guys I am the author of Harry,My addiction <3 and this is my life story and im adding in the One Direction stuff so yea..


4. the lunatics

Jessica's POV

Harry and I were sleeping until we were woken up by our bed flipping over!


OOOOO SHIT- Harry yells

we heard laughs when we saw that the 8 lunatics flipped the bed over(the 4 boys and 4 girls)

I was crying because i got my arm cut on something.I had a deep and long cut going down my arm so i rushed to the bathroom w/out anyone seeing my cut and grabbed a towel.When i went back in the room everyone's mouths dropped and they all ran towards me. Oh my god Adri are you okay?!?-they all shouted.i looked at them curious when then i looked at my arm and saw the towel was drowned in blood.'Its nothing' I say 'Adriana you look really pale,you should probably go to the hospital'-Harry says 'No I'm'-I got cut off because i blacked out.



Once I woke up I realise that I was attached to wires and say everyone talking to the doctor.'She may or may not make it Mr. Styles,she lost too much blood'-I heard a deep voice say. I quickly shut mu eyes when i heard Harry come in while sobbing.

'Adriana I know you may not hear me but I am saying this with all my heart,I love you and even tho we haven't had each other in  our lives for long but I really want you to be my girl,I would do anything Anything to be with you Just please don't die on me princess.

'if you would actually do anything for me then do me a favor and don't call me princess'I say with a smile.

Oh my god Adriana you're alive,and you you heard me?-he stutterd.

Yea yea I actually woke up when you were talking to the Dr. so yeaa.

'okay well the Dr. said you could go home whenever.'-Harry said

Can I go now?-i asked    Sure we just have to sign a few papers and we are out!-He cheered

.......skip the paperwork and car ride.....

Harry slammed the door once he got inside

He put me in the closet and hid me there for a trick on the boys

Hey lad how's she doing?-They guys say

S s ss h...she's d d d d dead-Harry fake stutters.

NOOOOO_my friends shout and I can hear everyone scream and cry.

THIS IS ALL MY FAULT!-they all say 

No its not-I jump out cheery

FUCK YOU GUYS!-they all say to Harry and I

WE'D BE DELIGHTED!-Harry and I yelled back.

we laugh histerically until Harry led me upstairs.

Adriana-Like i have said I really like you and I am really scared to ask you this but will you be my girlfriend?-Harry asks softly


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