Suidicial Girl

Hey guys I am the author of Harry,My addiction <3 and this is my life story and im adding in the One Direction stuff so yea..


3. The girl i fell in love with

Harry's Pov

I was looking on twitter when a girl named @Adriana_Styles tweeted a video cover of story of my life. I watched it and there were 5 girls and it said their names in the intro along with their picture Maya Sara Jesse Sophie and it made a big intro for a girl named Adriana-she was beautiful and she was amazing.The boys were drooling over the others but I focused on Adriana.

We watched all their videos and found out they were fans and they called themselves 'Little Direction'. So We decided to follow all of them on twitter and tweeted on their walls.

"You guys are amazing singers and we'd love to meet you some day."

They all replied and said " omg really? and we'd be delighted to-we will be in L.A. Cali. in a few days.

I talked to they boys and paul about it and it was okay for us to meet them!

I dmed Adriana my number and she texted me.

She texted me her address and when to be there.

We knocked on the door and there stood the 5 girls-looking so beautiful-but my eyes were scanning Adriana up and down. They were all blushing and we realised our mouths had completely dropped.

Hey Im Adriana-She says

I'm Harry-I finally choke out.

after we got to know eachother we hun out seperately, Me with Adri and the others went with their chosen girl.

Adriana and I talked for a while when i thought in my mind ''I'm going to die because of her Beauty'

She looks at me with curiosity and then she opened her eyes wide and was blushing. 'she's so cute when she blushes'

Harry I'm no- I cut her off because i knew what she was going to say.

Adri you are beautiful and cute-when i saw u in the videos I imediately fell in love.

Harry-you cant love me, Im not the girl you think i am.

I looked at her in curiosity, when she then showed me her arms.

I felt tears streaming down my face as I examined her scars and new cuts.

Why would you do this?-I ask her

Here this is why-She threw me her phone and I looked on twitter Facebook and every account she had.More tears were streaming down my face when I pulled her close to me.

Harry-you dont have to feel bad for me.-she huffs

You don't deserve to be treated this way-I say in an angry voice.

Harry could you guys stay the nights?-she asks

I look at her shocked but answer a 'yes' 

We both were getting ready for bed when i realise that the guys and I didnt bring any extra clothes.

Adriana come back in the room with some clothes and says - Here wear these to bed and hang on while i give the others their clothes.

Hey Adri don't your parents need to know?-I ask her while she lays down

Oh my parents..

Adri i'm so sorry-I say

It's ok.

She lays down and i scoot next to her while i wrap my arms around her.

She sets her head on my chest and we fall asleep just like that.

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