Photo Finish


1. Miley and Myself

I walked down the hall with my bright green skirt bouncing up and down with every step I took. Someone joined my side and walked with me. I glanced to my side to see my assistant, Jennifer.

"You've got Miley for the rest of the day, and tomorrow you have a meeting with some new clients. Any questions?" She asked.

"Yeah, what am I doing for the rest of the week?" I asked. We made a turn and hit another hallway.

"You've got a photoshoot on Tuesday and Wednesday for Teen Vogue, Thursday and Friday you got a photo shoot for Katy Perry and then if the meeting tomorrow goes well, you'll be packing on Saturday and leaving to London on Sunday. Sound good?" She asked.

"Yes. Thank you." We stopped in front of two large doors and I sighed.

"Let's see how the star feels in the new look you gave her." Jennifer ran a hand through her blond hair and gave me a nervous smile.

The first person I saw was Miley. She stood in front of the white screen we had set up with the lights on her. She was in the outfit and makeup I have her. I glanced at Jennifer.

"Let the magic begin." I smiled.

Soon we started, but Miley was beginning to loose confidence in the new look I have her.

"Let's just try it out." I persuaded.

"But that's not my style." She responded.

"Trust me," I smiled.

She furrowed her eyebrows and tried her best to do a few poses.

"Perfect, I only need a few more. Can you do a wild look for me?" I asked.

She smiled.

"Course I can."

After we finished, I sat on my chair behind my computer, with Miley behind me, glancing down at the photos I took.

"You were so right with all the poses, and I loved the makeup and outfit you set out for me." Miley smiled brighter as she saw each photo.

"Your welcome. Anything for one of the biggest pop stars." I smiled back and brushed some of my long dark hair behind my ear.

"Are you available next Sunday?" She asked.

"Actually, I'm booked all next week, but if I find a day, I'll give you a call. Sound alright?" I asked.

"Sure," she smiled. "I have to go record some songs. Hope we can do this again." She waved as she began to leave.

"Sure," I smiled back and turned to my computer to see the photos I took.

Miley's hair was down naturally, but brushed and cleaned. Her eye makeup was some dark purple eyeliner and gray eyeshadow with just a few brushes of mascara. She only had a little foundation on and I found the perfect pale shade of purple for her lips, lavender, you might say. For her outfit I gave her a nice gold studded crop top that had dark blue fabric underneath. And I gave her a cheetah print skirt that was neon pink and baby blue. And her heels, my personal favorite part, were 4 inch pumps that were a royal shade of purple. I fell in love with the look I gave her, and I honestly hope she did too.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Penelope Washe. My friends call my Penny. I'm a 17 year old photographer for famous people of all types. I have long, dark brown hair and peach colored skin. My eyes are a bright blue and I'm skinny. I may have the tumblr girl look to some people, but to myself I feel like an average girl. Which is the best feeling, in my opinion.

Anyways, I'm a photographer, and I'm just living my dream.

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