If You Dare

Cat Elizabeth Malfoy. She is the unknown older sister if Draco Malfoy. She disgraced the Malfoy family, and her father was going to kill her. She escaped and, went to live with Sirius Black. When Sirius Black died she had nowhere to go, when they finally tracked her to Grimwald Place, they found a note with her initials, saying: Find me. If you dare.


2. On the run

I dashed through the woods, it had been 3 weeks scence I had left Malfoy Manner and I heard the cracking of twigs, and crunching of leaves, that indicated people following me. Three death eaters were trying to capture or kill me. A curse flew past me, and I tripped over a root and fell, face first on the forest floor. I scrambled back, and got up. I ran only a couple feet, before, ropes flew out of someone's wand, entangling me. My wand flew out of my hand, and I struggled and kicked, but the ropes became even more tight. I stopped suddenly. I took deep breaths, and tried not to hyperventilate. I slowly moved, and slowly disentangled myself. I reached my wand, and cut the ropes. I stumbled away, and ran. I shot a curse over my shoulder, and heard the satisfying grunt of one of the men, indicating, my curse had made contact to someone. I apperated, and appeared by the entrance to Diagon Ally. I pulled out my wand and quickly tapped the bricks. The bricks parted to make A doorway. I stepped, through and found myself in Diagon Ally. I wandered around the shops for a while, trying to act normal and blend in, until I saw him. Harry Potter. I gasped and ducked behind a store. Harry looked around for a little bit and shrugged. He turned to Ron. "No one's there you were right I was imagining things." He shrugged. I sighed and got up. "Harry," Ron said suddenly. "Where do you think Sirius Black is right now?" He asked

"I don't know" Harry said, shrugging. "I just hope they find him soon." I walked around them, hoping they wouldn't see me. Of course no such luck.

"Oi!" Ron said as I pushed past him "Who are you?" I cursed under my breath

"Nobody that concerns you" I snapped. Suddenly Harry doubled over in pain, clutching his scar.

"Bloody hell, Harry!" Ron said, surprised "what's got into you?" I quickly edged away from them and ran, and ran into Draco. Just my luck.

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