The new girl

New girl named amy who goes to and meet her BFF Sammy Amy starts to fall for one of the bad boys Niall and she goes from good girl to bad girl


3. next day

Amy pov•

I woke up in a room I have never seen before I look around and I see Niall butt naked laying next to me sleeping so I look under the blankets to see I was naked My head hurts I think to my self what happen last night I see all my close so I get out of the bed carful trying not to wake up Niall and I don't wake him up thank god I start to put my close on and I grab my phone I start to walk home when I fill buzzing I unlock my phone and see I have 1 text I see who it's from

From Sam to Amy

Where were u last night I was looking for u intel I bumped into the boys who were looking for Niall ? So I left with out u thinking u walked home I woke up to see if u were home and ur mom said no so now I am texting u answer plz ;)

From Amy to Sam

I don't know come pick me up from my house at 12:30 and let's go to Starbucks and I will tell u XD

From sam to Amy

Kk see u then ;)

I got home and I got into the shower and started to think then it all came back to my I wanted to cry I lost my v to some boy I didn't know what a slut . I got out and put some sweats and a tank top with some Shoes I put my hair in a messy bun then put some mascara and Chapstick on I went down stairs to see what time it is when I heard a knock on the door I ran to the door to see Sam looking at me and I started to cry all she could do was give me a hug she pushed me to the car and we made our way to Starbucks me and Sammy order the same thing which was a hot tea and we walked to a table to talk " so what happen " Sam asked " well I went to do get beer and I had about 15 and I was dancing and some boy started to grind on me and I turned to see Niall I kissed him and then we had sex I woke up to see a butt naked Niall in bed oh and he was asleep so I ran out of the house before he woke up and the I started to remember and ya I wanted to cry Sammy what do I do I lost my v word to him " I said not wanting to cry " I-I do-don't know" see said but she was not looking at me she was looking at Behring me I looked around to see Harry Louis Niall Liam and Zayn all laughing I look back as fast as I could at Sammy " let's get out a girl never leaves Niall alone when he wakes up that's his job and I don't want to start a seen " was all she said I got up and was walking out when Niall starts walking to me I go out the door un tell I fill some one grab my wrist and turn me around and I see Niall " hey so you think you can sleep with me and just leave without me knowing huh " he asked " wasn't that what you were going to do to me any ways and plus it was an accident" I said to him " what the fuck you may think its a game to sleep with people but at least I didn't sleep with some one on my first day of school " Niall said to me anger in his vosie " well hey I was drunk but if you want to talk like that at least I didn't sleep with the new girl" I yelled at him " slut" Niall said and left just like that I got into the car with Sam " what was that " Sam asked " I don't know can you just take me home " I cry " it's ok and do you want me to come over to your house " she asked " no I just need some alone time to think is that ok " I say " yah it's ok " she said . When I got home I just cry ed my self to sleep that night .

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