The new girl

New girl named amy who goes to and meet her BFF Sammy Amy starts to fall for one of the bad boys Niall and she goes from good girl to bad girl


5. bring to on

I woke up at 7 :55 dam it I am going to be late to school but what ever I got into the shower then got out and went to my closet and picked out a short skeart and a crop top that said " omfg " I put some high hills on and I did smoky eye and puts some bright red lipstick and some mascara on I curl ed my hair and walked down stairs and grab ed my phone and the time was 8:35 ok I was late so I asked my mom for a ride to school when I got to my locker I grab ex my stuff and walked to first per and open the door as I walk in everyone looks at me I smirked at Harry Louis Niall Liam Zayn and saw that spot next to Sam was taken so I walk up to the boy who was sitting next to Sam " can I sit here plz" I ask " ye-yeah " he said and got out of the set and I sat down with every one looking at me " so I am having a swimming party do u want to come


So sorry I am so sleepy I am going to bed and will update tomorrow comment too ;)

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