Forbidden Love

Tara Witner was in trouble.
The last thing she needed on her mind was a boy.


1. Who Are You

 "Sonya send up my breakfast." I ordered into the intercom in my bedroom. Ugh I seriously needed a manicure. I sat down at my bed studying my cuticles. Sighing, I closed my eyes. My eyes popped open as a loud banging came from my door. "Jeez Sonya don't break the freaking-" I stopped mid sentence as I opened the door. It wasn't Sonya. Two men stood in front of me. Both were in head-to-toe black and one had a gun on him. "Who are you?" I asked calmly. Surly Daddy knew who these men were. The gun was a little freaky though. "That's none of your business sweetheart." One of them said smirking. The one with the gun made a lunge for me. I quickly darted out of the way and stepped further into my bedroom. "Woah hands off!" I screamed at the strange men. They both laughed at me. "She's a feisty one." The one with the gun said. All of a sudden they both ran over to me. I jumped on my bed and quickly raced over it. The door was wide open so I took the opportunity to get away. As soon as I was out in the hallway I ran to the stairs. Taking two steps at a time I made it downstairs. The house was eerily quiet. That's when the smell wafted up to my nose. Blood. I quickly made sure the two loons weren't behind me and followed the scent. I was led to the kitchen where Sonya, the house maid, was laying in a pool of her own blood. I gagged and left the kitchen. "This is bad. This is really bad!" I said to myself. I needed to get out of the house. NOW. Someone cleared their throat. I turned to find the guy without the gun right in front of me. "Now if you're good, we won't hurt you." He said in a low, raspy voice. A sudden surge of confidence burst through me. I brought my knee right up in between his legs and stepped on his foot. He collapsed on the floor in pain. "Bitch!" He yelled. I figured the guy with the gun was somewhere nearby so I did the only logical thing. I ran. I opened the front door and the cool fall air hit my skin and sent shivers up my spine. I got all the way to the curb when suddenly a pair of strong hands grabbed me. I felt something cold and metal press up against my temple. I gulped and tried to scream but the guy was too fast. His hand immediately went to my mouth, muffling my scream. I was led to a black van. Inside was the guy who I had injured in the house. He sat in the driver's seat and was smiling devilishly.Once I was inside the doors locked shut. The guy who caught me sat next to me. "Knock her out." The man in the driver's seat said. The man next to me pulled out a rag and held it up to my nose before I had time to protest. My eyes started to droop and before I knew it, everything went black. 

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