Forbidden Love

Tara Witner was in trouble.
The last thing she needed on her mind was a boy.


2. Henry

I blinked slowly, trying to determine where I was. Reality hit me hard like a slap in the face.  I was sitting in a metal chair in a small room. My hands and legs were tied up with a thick rope. Across the room came a voice. "So you're awake." The guy I injured walked up to me. "Why did you take me?" I asked quietly. I avoided looking in his eyes. This guy probably wanted to kill me. I knew what happened when people got kidnapped. "Because of your father stupid." The guy spat down at me. I glanced up. My father? "What does he have to do with this?" I asked. "He's the wealthiest man in California. I'm just holding you for ransom. Nothing personal sweetheart I just need the money." 

"Then why don't you get a fucking job!" I screamed at him. Wrong answer. He slapped me harshly across the face. "Don't forget who's in charge here!" He scolded me. A tear left my eye. A minute later he sighed. "HENRY! GET IN HERE!" He yelled. I expected the other man from the other day to come in. Instead a guy about 17 walked through the door. He had dark brown hair and deep green eyes. His hands were placed behind his back. "Watch her while I'm gone." My captor told him. With that, he left the room slamming the door behind him.  Henry walked over to the couch that rested on the other side of the room. "So you are the famous Tara Witner." He said nonchalantly. My blonde hair fell around my face as I turned to look at him. "I've heard much about you. Especially from my dad." He chuckled. "Was that g-guy your d-dad?" I managed to stutter out. I was so nervous that this boy would hurt me that I couldn't talk properly. "Yea he's pretty cool when you get to know him." I couldn't believe this boy. Did he not see I was here against my freaking will?! I couldn't take it anymore. I broke down into tears. Footsteps got closer until I saw the boy named Henry crouch down in front of me. "What's wrong?" He asked. "What's WRONG? Oh maybe the fact that I've been taken to some mysterious place against my will is whats wrong!" I cried loudly. Henry looked up at me and then abruptly walked back to the other side of the room. "Look we don't plan on keeping you here long. My dad just needs the money okay?" He wouldn't look at me. We sat in silence for the next few minutes until the door burst open. In walked Henry's dad. "Okay Henry show her her room." He told the son. My room? I didn't know prisoners got rooms. "Sure." Henry replied. Once my feet and hands were untied, Henry put a blindfold over my eyes. "It's just for precaution." He told me. Then I was being led down what seemed like a maze of hallways. We stopped and Henry removed my blindfold. He opened the door to reveal a completely normal bedroom except it didn't have a window. So I wouldn't escape. "Well I hope you like it." Henry said from the doorway. I nodded in response. He rolled his eyes. Those gorgeous green eyes. What am I thinking?! He is the son of my kidnapper. "Catch ya later Witner." He said closing the door. "Wait!" I called. The door opened back up. "What?" He asked. "Um... bathroom?" I stammered like an idiot. He gestured for me to follow him with his hand. I walked out to the hall with him. "Down two doors and it's the first one on the right." 

"Thanks." I said. Quickly I walked to the bathroom and locked the door.Safely inside, I took a look at myself in the mirror. My wavy blonde hair was in knots from who knows what. My clothes were dirty and rumpled. I sighed. This was absolutely horrible. I took a deep breath and left the privacy of the bathroom. Outside the hallway was empty and silent. Suddenly an idea formed. I looked both ways before rushing down the hallway. I turned a few corners until I saw a door. It at least looked like a front door. I ran to it but was stopped by a pair of hands on my waist. I was turned to face Henry. "Leaving so soon?" I cringed away, scared he would hurt me. "I won't hurt you Tara." He  whispered obviously seeing my scared expression. With that he led me back to my room where he shut the door and locked it from the outside so I couldn't leave again. I may have just been tired but I swear I heard him say through the door, "I'm sorry."


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