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Become a famous singer? Check. Go on tour? Check. Fall for a pop star? Not so sure that was on the list. Mya Briones only went to that audition to follow her dream. She never meant to fall for him, but she finds it hard when he's right there. The whole way through. Is she the only one feeling this way? She can't tell anyone, because in the end... He's still her best friend...


2. Getting To Know The Boys...

Mya's POV:

"Right then," Louis started, they had just introduced themselves. They were all very sweet, and I would love to become close friends with them. Liam, Louis, and Zayn just shook my hand, but Niall gave me a hug. He pulled me into his warm embrace and I cannot lie, I loved it.

"Wait!" I thought to myself, mentally face palming. "You cannot fall for this boy, you are not going to be with that crowd... But he does give nice warm hugs... No stop!" I battled with myself while Louis was explaining their way of truth or dare.

"Mya?" He asked me, "Were you paying attention to a word I was saying?" He started to laugh, "Erm, no sorry could you explain again please?" I asked quietly. "Of course your highness..." He bowed like I was a queen, "When you think of Truth-or-Dare what do you imagine? A game of telling the truth, with a hint of the daredevil in you! With my version, Truth-or-Dare El Tommo Edition... It will be a bit more than that! If you decide on the path of truth, you must do it. Say you are asked, 'Who would you rather kiss, Harry or Zayn?" He spoke to Niall, "You chose Harry, you would then have to kiss Harry in some way. Understandable? Good. Next onto the dares..." He had a devilish grin, like a puppet master. "If you decide your dare is too intense for you, you convert to truth. But El Tommo version of Truth-or-Dare is not that simple... You must then answer your truth, do it, then you must receive... A new dare!!!!!" He finished his instructions while bending down and throwing 'Jazz Hands'.

"Okay, let's get started!" I cheered and sat in a comfy beanbag chair. They all plopped down in a bean gave chair if their choice. By their choice I mean their's had their names on them, mine said "New Tour Member/Members" cheesy, right?

Once everyone was seated the game started...

Louis started off the game by asking Harry, "Harry," he turned towards him with a dad look on his face, I felt so bad, he was in for it. "Truth-or-Dare?" Harry replied with a shrug of the shoulders and, "Dare." Louis looked at him with his eyebrows raised, which turned into a devilish grin. "I dare you to, kiss the most attractive person in this room." Harry smirked, which made his deep dimples show. He got up, and walked slowly towards me.

"Great." I thought. "This is not going to be good if he chooses me."

He sat down with me in the chair, I was looking down at my hands, hoping to be passed by. He lifted my chin with two fingers and pressed his lips to mine. I was startled but then got into it. His soft lips moved in synch with mine, but I pulled away quickly. I could not be like this, not again. I started to look down, but quickly erased that thought, I had to play it off like it was cool. I laughed and pushed him gently off the chair. He fell onto the floor, looking hurt. I bent down and whispered in his ear, "I'm sorry." But it was too late, the damage was done.

Niall's POV:

I looked on in anger as Harry smirked, smirked! At his dare. I knew who he was going to pick. He say down next to her in her beanbag chair. She was looking down, obviously trying not to get picked. Damn you Harry! She was uncomfortable, and you knew it from the beginning! He lifted her chin and kissed her, just like that. Thankfully, she pulled away. I knew from the lol in her face she was embarrassed, but tried not to make it awkward. She laughed and pushed him off of the chair. Not long after she whispered something in his ear, but no one else could hear. Louis cleared his throat to get our attention. "Well then, Harry you come sit over here, next to me. Away from Mya." He mumbled the last part, but I think we could all hear it.

He nudged Harry, telling him it was his turn to ask. Of course he picked her, that's so like him...

Harry's POV:

When Louis told me it was my turn to ask someone, I knew who to choose right away. I looked around for effect, "Mya." She sighed. Does she already hate me? Maybe she wanted me to choose her, or is playing hard to get. "Truth-or-Dare?" She replied lightning quick, "Truth." I already had my plan set, "Did you like the kiss?" I asked her. Her face reddened, but she replied, barely a whisper, but turned into a frustrated yell. "I-I d-don't know!" She threw her hands up in the air and ran. I don't think she knew where she was going, but she ran anyway. Niall got up and ran right after her, calling her name.

"Good job dickwad." Liam sassed me, "you've already gotten her to hate you. Now she'll want to quit." I sighed, and put my head in my hands. I really didn't mean to upset her... I just really liked her. So did Niall, but I think it was more in a brotherly sense.

Mya's POV:

I ran as fast as I could, down the hallways turning anyway I decided. I heard footsteps, and someone calling my name behind me, but I didn't care. I kept on running until I hit a dead end. I was so tired and frustrated with this day, so I collapsed on the ground, and started to cry...

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