Don't Forget Me

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  • Published: 24 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 3 Dec 2013
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Don't Forget Me; Don't Forget Me is about Niall and Kim. Niall and Kim are junior high lovers, but when the Horan family were about to move the summer before Niall's senior year, Niall received one of the most shocking call of his life. Kim has gotten into a car wreck and there's a chance she lost her memory. Kim and Niall has been talking about getting married and having a kid since they were in junior high. Now with Kim's memory loss, Niall is suffering and is trying his best to help Kim remember her past. Instead, Kim falls in love and marries Niall's best friend Liam. As Niall watches his love one start a new life with Liam, he is helpless with himself while trying to move on. The day of Kim and Liam's wedding, Kim regains her memory and realizes what's about to happen. The tables turn and Niall heads into more heartbreak when he gets news from Dr. Jenner that Kim has eye cancer that causes her to be blind. Will she and Niall ever be the same or will Niall's love be stronger?


8. 2 Years Later

Maura: Hey Niall, so Mariah called me last night. 

Niall: Yeah? What she say? 

Maura: *silent* 

Niall: What happened to Kim? 

Maura: You're still not over her aren't you? 

Niall: Honestly, I don't care for her anymore. 

Maura: Really? 

Niall: Ok, what is it? 

Maura: She's getting married to Liam next week. 

Niall: To who? 

Maura: Niall. 

Niall: No she's not. 

Maura: I meant, c'mon, you know who I was talking about. 

Niall: Oh, so they decided to get marry two years later huh. I mean, that's awesome, was she pregnant or what? 

Maura: No, they just think they're ready for the next step. 

Niall: *chuckles* Good luck, because those are huge steps to make. 

Maura: I think we should be there. 

Niall: Why? 

Maura: Honey, Mariah was here for Greg and Denise's wedding. 

Niall: So? 

Maura: We can at least return the favor back. 

Niall: Alright, that's totally fine. When are we leaving? 

Maura: Well, I have to find us tickets first. 

Niall: Well hurry up before I change my mind. *leaves* 

Maura: *shakes her head* 

Kim: *sits down next to liam* Can you believe we are getting married next week? I can't believe how fast time flew, it just feels like we got together yesterday. 

Liam: *puts his arms around kim* I know right, I mean, it does feel like it was yesterday, but it's been two years babe, two incredible amazing years together. 

Kim: I love you. *smiles and kisses liam* 

Liam: *kisses kim back* 

Kim: You know, I'm actually excited to see Niall. I mean, I heard he's changed a lot. 

Liam: Yeah? I haven't talked to him, since he stormed off on us. 

Kim: I still talk to him, like once a year. 

Liam: So twice only. 

Kim: Yeah, I mean my mom attended Greg's wedding last year, but still no contact with him. 

Liam: Is he coming to ours? 

Kim: Yeah, I told my mom to call them and they said they'll come. 

Liam: Awesome. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles* Aw, seeing you smile makes me happy babe. You make my heart happy. 

Liam: And you make me happy. *smiles* 

Kim: Aw, babe, you're making me blush. *chuckles* 

Liam: *laughs* I'm sorry. 

Kim: *kisses liam again* 

Maura: Ok, I found two tickets for us. 

Niall: Awesome. 

Maura: We'll be leaving in three days, gives us enough time to pack and buy whatever we need to go. 

Niall: I don't have a suit. 

Maura: I'm sure you can fit into Greg's old one. 

Niall: I'm sure too.

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