Don't Forget Me

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  • Published: 24 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 3 Dec 2013
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Don't Forget Me; Don't Forget Me is about Niall and Kim. Niall and Kim are junior high lovers, but when the Horan family were about to move the summer before Niall's senior year, Niall received one of the most shocking call of his life. Kim has gotten into a car wreck and there's a chance she lost her memory. Kim and Niall has been talking about getting married and having a kid since they were in junior high. Now with Kim's memory loss, Niall is suffering and is trying his best to help Kim remember her past. Instead, Kim falls in love and marries Niall's best friend Liam. As Niall watches his love one start a new life with Liam, he is helpless with himself while trying to move on. The day of Kim and Liam's wedding, Kim regains her memory and realizes what's about to happen. The tables turn and Niall heads into more heartbreak when he gets news from Dr. Jenner that Kim has eye cancer that causes her to be blind. Will she and Niall ever be the same or will Niall's love be stronger?


4. $1240!

Kim: Wow. *chuckles* This place is nice. *looks around* 

Niall: It's my girlfriend's favorite restaurant. 

Kim: Ok that's... 

Niall: No you're good, I think we've broken up already. 

Kim: Just because she moved? 

Niall: Moved on? Yeah. 

Kim: Niall, you really have to move on from her then and try not to think or go places you two went. 

Niall: I'm just trying to help you out. 

Kim: With what? *chuckles* 

Niall: You know, I mean you been here many times. 

Kim: I do? 

Niall: Yeah, you do. It's like your favorite... too. 

Kim: Hmm, we'll let's order because I am hungry! *laughs* 

Waitress: Hi, are you ready to order? 

Kim: Yes, I am, can I get your Risotto Mare. 

Waitress: Sure and you? 

Niall: Um, can I get the Tagliata Alle Erbe Aromatiche. 

Waitress: Ok, well that be all? 

Niall: Yeah, that'll be it mam'.  

Waitress: Alright, I'll be back shortly. 

Niall: Ok. *looks at kim* 

Kim: What? 

Niall: *chuckles softly* Nothing, it's just, you have seafood. It kinda took me by surprise that you ordered that. 

Kim: Well seafood's are my favorite now. *smiles* 

Niall: I hope so. 

Waitress: Alright, here is yours and here is yours miss. 

Kim: Thank you. *smiles* 

Niall: *stares at kim eat* 

Kim: Eat your food! It's gonna get cold! 

Niall: Don't talk with your mouth full, you hate people doing that, why are you doing it today? 

Kim: *swallows her food* Sorry. *takes a sip of her drink* 

Niall: *eats* 

Harry: Niall. 

Niall: Oh, hey Harry. 

Harry: Hey Kim. 

Kim: *looks at niall and then harry* Who are you? 

Harry: Harry? 

Kim: I don't... 

Niall: She's kind of slow today. 

Kim: I am not! 

Niall: *gets up and pulls harry to the side* She's suffered from brain damage, she doesn't remember anything or anyone. 

Harry: Then how does she know you? 

Niall: Her parents told her and I happened to be at the hospital. 

Harry: Hospital? 

Niall: *exhales* She got into a car wreck. 

Harry: Niall! 

Niall: Just, start over with her ok, well that's what I'm doing. 

Harry: So you two just broked up? 

Niall: That's what I'm trying Harry. 

Harry: Wait, she doesn't know? 

Niall: No! She's dating Liam. 

Harry: What? 

Niall: Don't ask, I'm not even friends with him right now. 

Harry: Why would he? 

Niall: I don't know, but I'm trying to help her remember, but she's just not clicking with it Harry. 

Harry: How bad is it? 

Niall: 95. 

Harry: 95, what? 

Niall: Percent of brain damage. 

Harry: *makes a huge sigh* Yeah, pretty much, she doesn't even remember anything at all. 

Niall: She knew her parents. 

Harry: Well shit, that's good! *looks at kim* So Liam's dating her? 

Niall: Well I think they are, they were kissing. 

Harry: That's mess, he's your best friend, and he should know better. 

Niall: I know, but it already happened, I can't do anything about it anymore. 

Kim: What are you two talking about? 

Niall: Nothing, we were just about to come back to the table, but Harry has to go, so yeah. 

Harry: I'll see you around Kim. 

Kim: Who are you again? 

Harry: I'm Harry, Harry Styles. Just ask Niall and he can tell you about me or something. *smiles and leaves* 

Kim: So who is he? 

Niall: He's my other best friend. 

Kim: He's cute. 

Niall: *quickly* No. 

Kim: What? *chuckles* 

Niall: *serious* Are you dating Liam! 

Kim: *looks around* We are kinda in a restaurant.  

Niall: *gets embarrassed* Go wait outside, I'm gonna pay. 

Waitress: That'll be $77.34. 

Niall: *takes out a hundred bill* Keep the change. *leaves* 

Kim: You were asking. 

Niall: *walking to the car* What? 

Kim: Liam and I? 

Niall: *stops* Oh yeah, are you and Liam together? 

Kim: I don't know, but I think we are. Why? You like me? *smiles* 

Niall: *walks to the car* 

Kim: *runs up to niall* Must be a yes huh. 

Niall: No. *closes his door and starts the engine* 

Kim: Then why'd you ask? 

Niall: I just, I just wanted to know since we are friends. 

Kim: *sighs* Ok, yes, Liam and I are together. *smiles* 

Niall: *speeds off* 

Kim: Whoa! Slow down Niall! 

Niall: *runs a red light* 

Cop: *chases niall down* 

Niall: *slams his break pulling over* 

Cop: *gets out the car*  

Niall: *rolls down his window* 

Kim: *whispering* Niall, what the hell just happened? 

Niall: Yes officer? 

Cop: Do you know why I pulled you over? 

Niall: Yes, but please tell me again. 

Cop: You ran a red light and you were speeding. *looks at kim* And the lady doesn't have a seatbelt on. 

Niall: *looks at kim and gets irritated/sighs* How much is the ticket? *turns to look at the cop* 

Cop: Do you have your driver's license and insurance? 

Niall: *hands them over to the cop* 

Cop: I'll be right back. *walks back to his car* 

Niall: Why didn't you have your seatbelt on! 

Kim: I don't know. 

Niall: My girlfriend is a lot smarter than you Kim! Why can't you be smart?! 

Kim: I am actually, I just forgot, I'm sorry, I'll have my mom or dad pay for the ticket. 

Niall: No, it's all good. 

Cop: Here's your ticket.  

Niall: *eyes widen&* 

Cop: *explains to niall and leaves* 

Niall: *rolls up his window* $1240 for a ticket! You're paying full price for your seatbelt! Put on your seatbelt! *drives off* 

Kim: *putting on her seatbelt* I told you, but you said no. 

Niall: Ok, well now I'm saying it!  

Kim: Alright, how much is it? 

Niall: Your seatbelt ticket it $415. 

Kim: Oh shit. 

Niall: *ignores kim/in his mind* Why are you so dumb now? What happened to your common sense Kim?  

Kim: Niall, I'm sorry. 

Niall: *exhales* It's ok Kim. *in his mind* I still love you. 

Kim: Are you sure? 

Niall: Yep. *in his mind* No, it's never ok because you're not who you use to be anymore. 

Kim: Thank you for dinner Niall. 

Niall: Just hurry up inside and ask your dad for $415. 

Kim: Ok. 

Niall: *drives off* 

Kim: *goes and rings the doorbell*

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