Beautiful Oblivion

blurb is in the first chapter since there's not enough space here.


2. Chapter 1

Kylie's POV

"Get up, fat ass!" I open my eyes and sigh. This is how I wake up every morning, to my dad yelling. I get out of bed and head towards the bathroom. I start to undress and look at myself in the mirror and think, Why can't I just be pretty and skinny like everyone else? I suddenly have the urge to throw up, and throw up all of the contents of my stomach. I feel oddly satisfied. I take a quick shower before putting on a baggy sweater and jeans. I pull out my contacts and take them out of the box before a loud bang comes from downstairs. I jump and drop my contacts down the sink. 

"Shit!" I yell as I start to freak out. Those were my last pairs of contacts. I already get bullied and if I go to school I'll be practically committing social suicide. Holy shit, this is how I am going to die…. Sadly I didn't have time to find out a way not to wear my glasses because my dad started yelling again.

"Hey, fatty! Leave or you're going to be late for school!"For some reason he worries about everyone being on time for everything, but I wouldn't dare say anything about it. Even though my dad, Michael, doesn't abuse me, he isn't afraid to give me a piece of his mind. I pill on my glasses and rush out the door. I hop into my black Jeep and start to drive to school. Once I arrive I mentally prepare myself for the day ahead. I take a few deep breaths before opening my car door. Instantly people started staring, whispering, and pointing…at me.I lower my head and rush into the building as people shove and yell out "dork", "fat ass", "bitch", "worthless emo", and "ugly piece of shit". Ouch, that hurt. A single tear falls down my cheek as I look up and see the most mysterious brown eyes. On me. No. Please, not now. I plead for him to leave me alone with my eyes as more tears start to slide down my face. His expression softens, but then hardens right away. He smirks as he struts towards me. The bell rings. I start to panic as I turn and run down the hallway toward the exit. I don't care if I get in trouble, I have to get out of here. Since the bell rang and everyone left for class, it's just me and Justin. I push through the doors and run out into the parking lot, when someone yanks me by the arm causing me to scream in pain as I fall. I loo into his brown eyes that I seem to love and hate at the same time. Suddenly, I grew a pair of lady balls and stand up.I pushed his chest with my hand, not causing him to move, but clearly shocking him. He growls as I push him again. I was so angry that I decided to stand up for myself, not thinking about how he's taller and stronger them me.

"Why are you always picking on me?! What did I do to make you hate me so much?! Am I that disgusting that you have to point out my flaws every single day?" tears are falling down my face, but I make no action to wipe them away. "I already know that I'm worthless, hated, stupid, fat, and ugly. I already know that I'm fucked up. Why do you have to fucking remind me everyday?! Huh, why?!" I yell as he looks at me with shock and disbelief, bunt doesn't say a word. 

"That's what I thought." I say as I run in the direction of my house, not even caring that my car's still here. I don't look back I just run and run until I start to feel dizzy. I know Justin's right behind me, so I keep running until I can't stand up anymore and collapse on the ground. Justin's hovering over me as my vision blurs and I start to see black spots. His lips are moving, but I can't hear what he's saying. He picks me up and starts running back towards his car. I weakly object, but I'm so weak that I can barely hold my head up. I'm crying as he places me in his car. I can't breath. I'm gasping for breath as Justin holds my face in his hands and starts to talk again. I can't hear what he's saying, but I feel calmer being near him. I guess I wasn't that calm because the last thing I remember is Justin's car speeding off with me in it...

Justin's POV

God, I feel like a jerk. I watch her fall to the ground as I run towards her. I hover over her as I keep saying her name, but she doesn't respond. Her eyes are open, but she looks confused. I pick her up and sprint off towards my car. I place her in the passenger seat of my car before talking to her again. She doesn't respond so I grab her face in my hands, softly, and start speaking to her. She's gasping for breath as I try to calm her down, but nothing's working. She's tense so I wrap my arms around her and place her in my lap. Her breathing starts to go back to normal as I speed off towards my house. I take a quick glance over at her and notice she's unconscious. I grimace. When I get to my house, I pick her up and walk into my house. I don't have to worry about anyone home because I have my own place. She's still unconscious as I carry her up to my room and place her on my bed. I bend down so my face is level with her face a place a light kiss on her face. 

"Feel better, baby." I whisper as I walk out of my room.


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