Beautiful Oblivion

blurb is in the first chapter since there's not enough space here.


1. Beautiful Oblivion

Kylie Griffin <3 The good girl, a victim of bullying, depressed.

Kylie Griffin wants someone to love her just for who she is. Someone who can make her feel special….Loved….Yet the person who makes her feel warm and fuzzy inside, bullies her. Even though Kylie doesn't understand why she feels the way she does, she can't help but get butterflies in her stomach even though her bully makes her feel like complete shit. Making her feel like she's worthless. Her bully says that he hates her, yet his eyes say differently? Or is that just her imagination? Kylie can't help but wish he feels the same way about her, even though she knows he does'nt. At all.

Justin Bieber <3 bad boy, bully, heartless.

Justin Bieber just wants someone to overlook his past and accept him just the way he is. He's always wished that "someone" would be Kylie Griffin, but he knows she can't be. He's a monster. He's dangerous. He's nothing but trouble. He needs to protect Kylie from the monster he is. Justin knows that if Kylie actually liked him he wouldn't be able to stay away, so he starts to bully her. Only in books the victim falls for their bully, but Justin thought since it's not a book, it wouldn't be possible for her to fall for him. Man, was he wrong. One day Justin's bullying goes just a little too far and he almost looses her from his life. Now Justin doesn't want to leave her side. he doesn't want to be around anyone, but her. He prays that if she was wakes up and accepts I'm for the way he is, he will treat her like the beautiful princess she is. Hell, he'll treat her like that anyways, but can't help but hope that she'll accept him for the way he is and maybe, just maybe feel the same way he feels about her. 

She's falling for him. He's falling for her. They both think the other person hates them.

This is their Beautiful Oblivion.

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