unexpected love <3

Emily, Monse, Cynthia, and Daffney set of to London for a vacation that would would change everything


9. what will happen next

Jorrell prospective

I walked in to daffneys house the door was wide open I got a little scared so I ran inside to see monse crying daffney on the floor bleeding I didn't know how to react to I told monse I would take daffney to the hospital I told her to call zayn and tell him to get to the hospital monse nodded but then daffney mumbled not to I told her I would but then she got mad and didn't let me take her to the hospital  so she ran to the bathroom and clean up most of the blood but the wound was to deep and she fainted thats when I noticed the cut on her neck so I told monse CALL ZAYN NOW and I rushed daffney to the hospital

monse prospective

as soon as jorrell left I called zayn he answered really fast I was scared to speak zayn ask if everything is ok I gulp and quietly say no but zayn heared me and asked what wrong so I told him that max came over and hit us, what happen next zayn said almost screaming I starting to cry a little and then zay again says what happen a little louder this time, umm max kidnaped niall and daffneys in the hospital I said the last part very quiet zayn said I will be there

zayns prospective

I was so angry I got my jacket and left to the hospital a lot of things were running in my mind like which hospital is daffney at how bad is she hurt I stoped thinking and I called monse she was crying I asked monse if she was with daffney she mumbled no I the phone. WHO THE HELL IS SHE WITH I screamed at monse she with jorrell monse said in a mad tone whos that I asked more calm. why don't you find out yourself monse growled into the phone. 

monse prospective

as soon as I hunged up the phone someone walk in the front door I was scared to think if it was zayn or max so I got a knife and headed toward the door I droped the knife right when I saw nialls brusied face I pulled him in to a hug as asked if he was ok. niall nodded and hugged me back

nialls prospective

I ran away from were max had me so I ran to daffneys house knowing everyone would be there drunk and asleep but, I was wrong when I got there there was blood on the floor and knife and lots of thing were broken so I lets go of monse and asked what happen monse just broke down in my arm so I pulled her in to a tight hug . when I let go of monse I saw her lip was bleeding bad I just really wanted to punch max but monse holded me back so she took me to the bathroom which was also covered in blood monse got the first aid kit and started to heal me

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