unexpected love <3

Emily, Monse, Cynthia, and Daffney set of to London for a vacation that would would change everything


7. weres niall??

it around 1:00 were I start to get ready I wear some dark blue skinny jeans and a black tank top with a varsity jacket I was very happy until I went down stairs and saw Louis still wanting me explain so I did I hate him being mad at so I sat him down and told him ''zayn took me to dinner we had fun we were singing and dancing he asked me to be his girlfriend I said yes we got home I said the last part very quite, Louis eyes looked sad and mad at the same but but he still managed to say WHAT was that last part there was a knock on the door I ran I would hate to see  Louis all sad and wanting to kill himself so I told zayn that instead of going to an amusement park we can go to a party zayn agreed to zayn went to tell the other guys while I tried to convince Louis to go. After what it felt like hour of begging Louis he agreed so we both went to go get ready I wore a black dress to about my knees  Louis and the rest of the boys wore a button up shirt with dark  jean. we were all ready to go I graved my phone and we were out the door. Louis still looked a bit sad so I told hes still my best friend/ brother Louis smiled to I hugged him a long time. we got to the party DJ Blend was playing everone was having a great time I looked over to Louis who was hitting it off with a girl so I went to go introduce my self hi im Daffney whats your name elounor I shook her hand we were like best friend that moment on. Everyone went back to partying everyone was super drunk but we didn't really care because we were all having fun. until this guys started to flirt with monse Emily Cynthia and me (Daffney). at first we were really to drunk to think they were flirting all the boys got mad and walked up to us to see Max, Siva, Jay, Tom, and Nathan. you could see the darkness in all there eyes the girls got a little scared and backed away from all the boys. Then monse asked do you guys know each other or what? zayn looked at her all mean so I walked up to zayn and kinda pushed him to react and see that he was being rude. so he told me sorry,  I smiled then zayn went to say sorry to monse she said its find. monse went to go with niall but niall was not there

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