unexpected love <3

Emily, Monse, Cynthia, and Daffney set of to London for a vacation that would would change everything


8. were could he be??

I look over to monse who is freaking out so I go to her and ask he what is wrong she said nialls gone so I call niall no answer so that totally ruined our night I guess zayn kinda noticed that we were sad so he came to use and asked if we were ok monse and me nodded. later on everyone was still partying and me and monse didn't feel like it so we told zayn that we don't feel good so we went home

zayn prospective

it was weird that Daffney and monse were happy one sec and sick the next I wanted to go home because I need that something was up but if I did Daffney would break up with me

monse prospective

at first I thought that niall just got mad at me or something and left home but for him not to pick up the phone is just something scary so im going to get home and try to fix thing even if I don't know what I did wrong

Daffneys  prospective

I was worried for monse and niall but kinda scared if zayn liam and harry and Louis get involved but od course I will have to tell him so me and monse got home and took a shower I was in the kitchen when I got a supries visit from max as I get back in the kitchen and see max so I grave a knife but max notices so he takes the knife from my hand and puts it close to my neck cutting it a little as he pushed it more and more making it hard to breath. Max slowly takes the knife away from my neck as I cough and drop to my knees. WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROMBLEM I SCREAM AT MAX. Max looks me in the eyes and tells me if im wonder about niall we took him as he says that monse walks in hearing everything you could see the anger in her eyes


monse prospective

to walk in the kitchen and find daffney bleeding and to hear max has niall just  got me so angry I didn't even think I just went up to max and punched him right in the gut, max punched my lip my lip bleed bad I fall that's when daffney get up and start hitting him of course he hits her back but she doesn't care. it looks like all her anger was coming out that's when he grabs a knife and stabs daffney she keeps hitting until she cant anymore and she falls to the ground bleeding. at this point I don't know what to feel , I felt mad worried sad I didn't know what to do. just then jorrell walks in


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