unexpected love <3

Emily, Monse, Cynthia, and Daffney set of to London for a vacation that would would change everything


6. should i dating zayn or louis

Daffney could not stop thinking of the kiss she had with zayn and the kiss she had with Louis ,but Daffney put it to the side and started to get read she wore a short tight red dress with red high hills there was a knock at the door Daffney though I would be zayn but it was Louis he stared at her for a while and then managed to say u look beautiful  Daffney blushed but before Louis gets to ask whos the lucky boy that is taking u out tonight there was a knock on the door this time it was Louis went to go get it there was zayn leaning aginast the door frame. is Daffney here zayn asked with a smile yeah answered Louis with a sweet tone but in the in side he really just wanted to hit zayn so bad but instead he called Daffney name and told her zayn is here. Daffney smiled to herself as she was walking down the stairs zany's jaw dropped Daffney blushed as zayn lead her to the car. in the car it was really awkward because nobody talk , then Daffney asked were are we going ?  zayn looked at Daffney and said it was a surprise,  Daffney nodded with a smile when we got to the to a big fancy restaurant as we enter the building a nice lady walked over to sit us down at our table zayn smiles and tell me I look amazing after we order our drinks and our food zayn asked me I weird question he said if I would go out with him I froze for a sec he looked worried and a little sad but in the inside I always liked zayn and Louis should understand right. zayn still looking disappointed I get his hand in my and say of course I will go out with you ,zayns face lit up with a smile. I couldn't help but smile back a him it seems that all the bad boy inside him was gone, his eyes were glowing a sweet honey color the date was amazing over all we laughed and made jokes ,but It all can to a end the date was over but that didn't stop us we were dancing and sining to one direction song then zayn dropped me off at Louis house I was just so happy before I told zayn goodnight I gave him a quick hug and zayn invited me to a amusement park I agreed to go. I waved zayn good bye then I closes the door hoping Louis would not hear me but Louis must of heard us laughing because he was right there waiting for me to explain but I got mad I mean I was 18 he should trust me I ran us stairs and called Emily Cynthia and monse of course they were all asleep but as I was going to give up Cynthia call me  you could totally tell she just woke up I told her your not going to belive what just happen what ? Cynthia answer . ok so zayn invited me on a date and now were going out Cynthia was so happy for me

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